Bikepacking Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan - 'The Americans' Episode 1 of 2

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In the summer of 2018 our team of two rode our bicycles for 1 month self supported through the Tian Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. I had just completed 2 months of riding though the Balkans, Turkey, and Georgia and John was jumping in deep with his first large tour.

It seems incredible but local people often seemed very surprised but incredibly happy to meet Americans traveling in their countries. We were always told that the only foreigners they meet are European. I cannot say enough to the generous hospitality we received along the entire route.

All but 4 nights of our trip were spent wild camping, and we encountered many difficult points along the way. We managed to keep spirits up through a lighthearted approach. We rode portions of the Tian Shan Traverse mountain bike route and at other points we forged our own way. This meant for some gnarly hike-a-bikes that made ride-able portions feel that much better.

We were amazed by the incredible scenery these countries have to offer and hope that with this video we can inspire more people to travel to this wonderful region self supported.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series for this trip. Please subscribe to not miss future films as I release more footage from other bikepacking trips.

Music all used with expressed consent or under attribution license:
Hogan Grip - "Stance Gives You Balance"
Chris Zabriskie - "Readers! Do You Read?"
Pietnastka - "Tape Eater"
Broke for Free - "As colorful as ever"
Sergey Cheremisinov "When you Leave"
John Harrison with Wichita State University Chamber Players "Spring Movement"

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Greetings from Mongolia
Wow nice adventure bike trip.
land escape looks like our country, west part of Mongolia
one of my hobby is travel by bike

Author — Naranbaatar Badnaabazar


Bellas imagenes, bonita aventura. Felicidades.

Author — Jesús Muñoz Sierra


Wow, I'm in MT, almost like here. Remoteness is great. Keep up the views. Now part 2. whoooohooo

Author — Tom Reynolds


You guys are so cool. I wish i have such friends.

Author — Alex Noor


Oke just got sugest from Youtube, now im so enjoy ur trip, i hope u visit to anothercountry with ur bike, anyway im also bikers 😊☺

Author — Debbieee Brock


L O L ! !! That encounter with those 5 boys, at 12:55hs, made me cry. So beautiful. These moments are really priceless. Congratulations for your beautiful trip. I hope everything goes well with you.

Author — André Felipe Carvalho


12:55 moments like that are why I tour 😁

Author — John Br0


7:37 18:42 22:55 I think these are the best shot and makes me love nature

Author — TorterraX1


Beautiful images and nice storytelling, Karl. This is Mauro, whom you met on the Carretera Austral last month. And I'm from Sardinia, so not Sicily as you wrote on Instagram, though would love to go there too ;) Besides Kyrgyzstan of course, now even more after watching these videos of yours. Take care!

Author — argonk


That was awesome! Thank you for putting in the time to do this. Keeps this cubicle dweller inspired to do something else.

Author — Jason Jimenez


The was such a great thing to watch! So much fun! Great job putting this together, it looks great!

Author — Bryce M


wow i love this. cant wait to watch part two!!!

Author — Andrew Holzschuh


Wow, isn't our world a truly beautiful place. Wow, some adventure. Thanks for this.

Author — Nigel Robinson


4:43 the rear wheel is not moving at all, what is this sorcery?

Author — Tamás Zsinkó


I could see myself maybe doing this in like 5 or 7 years time just need to save up alot of money to afford a trip like this

Author — Aaron Sanchez


That looked like an amazing adventure. Such a beautiful landscape!

Author — Cujo mtb


Absolutely Fantastic !, could you do an episode on your gear, bike, that would be helpful.

Author — MyOwnAdventure


That 3 boys riding a donkey is damn hilarious. Thanks for sharing this.

Author — Southern Boy


Incredible journey.
Do you have a way of showing us the route you took? It looks absolutely gorgeous!

Author — Poutanas Malakopoulos


At 15:30 on back of kid's shirt "Ronaldo" I guess they love the Brazilian soccer star there :-)

Author — Reb C