Daily Bihar today news of all bihar districts video in Hindi.Get latest news of patna,Gaya & others.

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Latest Daily Bihar today news from Bihar districts in Hindi i.e. 25th November 2019:-
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1. On 26 November, day will be celebrated in schools
2. Union Minister Athwale told BJP the big player
3. Apply for agricultural input grant, do not delay
4. Teacher disappearance from school will now be expensive
5. The way to Balmiki Nagar Park opened
The path of this #BalmikiNagarPark inaugurated by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was closed for some time for tourists but now or India has been started once again so that people can now see more money in nature. As soon as this Eco Park started, hundreds of students took stock of the park. However, the park has not been allocated to the Water Resources Department yet.
6. k.C Tyagi said on the political situation in Maharashtra
7. #SushilModi told Patna's air quality better
8. JDU leader Sanjay Singh holds meeting for Maharana Pratap Smriti ceremony
9. Free admission of eunuchs with SST in #IGNOU
10. Bihar dominated in trade fair
#MithilaPainting, Tikuli Art of Bihar was dominated by Sujani Art in the International Trade Fair held at Pragati Maidan in Delhi, the same day, the International Day of Trade was held in the same way. It was inaugurated by Industries Minister Shyam Rajak. After the inauguration, Shyam Rajak said that the employment prospects in Khadi are immense.
11. Abhibus partnered with BSRT
12.RCP Singh sang JDU
A function of honor was held at the residence of late Shankar Dayal Singh, if Rajya Sabha MP RCP Singh and Social Welfare Minister Ramsevak Singh, where state organization in-charge Deepak Singh honored both. Addressing the gathering after being honored, RCP Singh said that if he is contesting elections on his own strength in Jharkhand and we are sure that the party will do well and win more seats.

13. #PappuYadav seen visiting university hostel
14. UGC NET Examination from December 2
15. Tejaswi gave Rajasthani his Guru mantra
16. Now transgender will also be seen in matriculation examination
17. Five and a half 500000 women have given literacy test in Bihar
Nearly five and a half lakh newly educated women of Bihar will join the literacy test today. These women, aged 15 to 35 years, have received fresh letter knowledge under the Chief Minister Dalit, Mahadalit, Minority, Extreme Backward Literacy Scheme of the Bihar Government. The preparations for this basic literacy examination to be conducted in all districts of the state have been completed by the Directorate of Education of the Department of Education. The novices who pass the exam will be given a certificate of equivalence by NIOS.
18. Hrithik recommends actress name
#MrinalThakur, who worked with Hrithik in Super Thirty, has once again been hired by Hrithik Roshan for his upcoming film. Actually Hrithik Roshan has named Mrinal Thakur for his upcoming film Krrish 4 to the director of Krrish 4. He has said that Mrunal's work in the super30 was very much liked. In the film Mrinal had won my heart in confidence, let me tell you now, Mrinal Thakur is busy jersey.
19. 10th and 12th datesheet released in #BSEB
20. Like Delhi, now the effect of contaminated water is increasing in Bihar as well
21. Many artists will participate in #Bhagalpurfestival
22. Now let us know about the eminent personality of Bihar
There is no dearth of artists on the soil of Bihar. You will definitely get the power of Biharis in every field. In this sequence of artists, today we will talk about Sandali Sinha. Sandali Sinha was born on 11 January 1973 in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Sandali Sinha made her film debut with the film "Tum Bin". His film made a big dent on the film screen, but after this film, the film career of Sandali Sinha came to a standstill. After which Sandali decided to try her luck in business and today Sandali has emerged as a very capable business woman.
23. If you want to visit #Supaul in Bihar, do not forget to visit these places
Today, in this segment, we are going to tell about the tourist places of Supaul for those who want to spend less. People visiting Supaul should not forget to visit these famous places. Dharahara, Vishnu temple, Tintolia, Kosi river, Kapileshwar temple, Hanuman temple must go. Passengers traveling from Patna to Supaul will have to travel for 6 to 7 hours. The distance from Patna to Supaul By Road is 254.4 km from NH27

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बिहार के जिला पश्चिम चम्पारण
में धार्मिक स्थल

Author — Manoj kumar Manjhi


बिहार का माना हुआ धार्मिक स्थान बाबा विश्वनाथ मंदिर लोहा लगाऊं भागलपुर

Author — kuldeep mehta


बिहार के जिला आरा मे धार्मिक स्थल
आरा मे आयरन देवी, बखोरा पुर मे माँ काली, गुलज़ार पुर मे सूर्य भगवान के मंदिर मे भक्तो के बहुत भीड़ होता है

Author — Kumar Ajit


मुंगेर जिले के भीम बांध पर्यटन स्थल, खड़गपुर झील, सीताकुंड पर्यटन स्थल, लाल किले, मा चंडी देवी मुंगेर के धरती पर आए हुए आप सभी देव तुल्य सज्जन को मुंगेर वासियों की ओर से हार्दिक अभिनन्दन हैं।🕉️🕉️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Author — Dheeraj Kumar


Thank you BIHARI NEWS Team to announce my name once again.. 😊😊
I live at Madhepura district, and the Singheswar Sthan is the most famous religious place in our area...It is a temple of lord Shiva..thousand of people worship there everyday..
Thank you 🤗

Author — Ashish Kumar


gopalganj ke thawe me MAA THAWE WALI (durga mandir)

Author — Reyaz Ali


Good morning I am Santosh prasad gond District Kaimur(Bhbua) villong ( Mata Mundeshwari Dham ) Bhut hi prayatak Asthal h kaimur Pahari par bashi h OK

Author — Santosh Prasad gond


बिहार के जिला गया मे धार्मिक स्थल बोधगया है जहां विदेशी पर्यटको का अक्सर आना-जाना लगा रहता है

Author — Gaurav kumar


हमारे जिले का सबसे प्रसिद्ध धार्मिक स्थल * मां कात्यायनी मंदिर * धमारा घाट है।

Author — Rajat Riyan


Good morning priya di 🌅, Nalanda tourist sports-(1) Rajgir(Santi stup, venuvan, Naulakha mandir🙏, sone bhandar, Ghora katora); Nalanda University, jal mandir (pabapuri)

Author — shreya Raj


बिहार के सहरसा जिला का धार्मिक स्थल मत्सयगंधा मंदिर और मत्सयगंधा झील

Author — Ravindra Yadav


Good morning Begusarai ka famus Temple Jaymangla Asthan hain



Khagaria- Maa Katyanay Mandir
Near Railway station- Dhamara Ghat (village-Bangslia)

Author — Rajesh kumar


आरा जिला का धार्मिक मंदिर आर्यन देवी लालू कुमार घर गुरी

Author — klalu kumar


पुर्णियाँ का धार्मिक स्थल माता पूरन देवी इसके नाम से पुर्णियाँ पड़ा है सिटी काली मंदिर भक्त प्रहलाद बनमनखी जलालगार का किला इत्यादि



Muzaffarpur Jila Katra Jay man Chamunda Mandir

Author — Anil Kumar


कहलगांव विक्रमशिला, मंदार हिल, नाथ नगर जैन मंदिर, कुप्पाघाट !✅

Author — Pintu Sharma


Muzaffarpur - chhinmashtika devi mandir 👍✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌.

Author — Prity Raj पांडेय


बिहार के जिला जमुई में धर्म स्थल महावीर का जन्म स्थान है लछुआर में।, महादेव मंदिर श्री श्री 108 बाबा धनेश्वर नाथ महादेव सिमरिया।, काली मंदिर जमुई में ।।।।।

Author — Sandeep Kumar Suman


Ara Jagdishpur ka Veer Kunwar Singh qiula famous hai

Author — Sonam Devi