Coronavirus around the world: May 10, 2020

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Top coronavirus news for Sunday, May 10, 2020:

Worldwide novel coronavirus cases have reached 4 million.

Protesters clash with police in a Hong Kong mall, claiming COVID-19 restrictions are violating their rights.

Three key US coronavirus officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, are in self-quarantine after they were potentially exposed to COVID-19.

A nurse in Turkey gave her mom a bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day after she helped treat her mother for the novel coronavirus.

Nightclubs and bars in Seoul, Korea, were closed on Sunday after a coronavirus patient had visited some of them, which might have caused an outbreak.

Paris marks the last day of the strict COVID-19 lockdown.

Clubbers stay distant at Germany’s drive-in rave.

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I really wonder about the minds of the millennial when I see what the German youth are doing. Really, that is how you spend your time. Brain dead!

Author — Lynn Adamson


Are you saying that China released COVID to get the Hong Kong protesters to no longer assemble? That is 4D chess right there...

Author — Currently


Second wave is coming. Relax now but prepare to be closed in a few weeks time.

Author — Cao Minh Duc


a woman makes your life beautiful you get  comfort from a woman we should all respect the woman the woman is like a flower we should not torture him  i get so angry at people who torture a woman When I was 15, years everybody left me👇It seems strange to be alone now👉Life looks beautiful🔥I want to live but no one with me❤️ To this day, I have miss a good family in my life👇👇👇👇👇👇i want best friend👉Some grief in life is lessened if you find a loving partner

Author — Amir Nawaz



Author — Carla Jasper


Stand beside the campfire the most powerful man on earth said it goes away with heat can I have some marshmallows with that lol

Author — Gee IDK


Still have viruses outside
Most ppl didn’t wear mask 😷
You just cannot feel happens now
But corona is still alive in ur lugs
Remember corona still want infection

Author — rapa Go


Good recap video... a little snapshot of some noteworthy news around the world.

People are anxious to return to work, I wonder why? Because they have bills to pay and don't want to lose what they've spent their lives building, and not even the Virus will stop them, and certainly not any Govt hypocrite I don't blame them, the Govt has failed miserably to accommodate non-Govt employees or businesses...

DEFINITELY AN US vs THEM MENTALITY has been exposed...

Author — Can Conservative


Watch the x22 report to hear some good news for a change

Author — andy


I didn't see any Hong Kong "Rioters" did you?

Author — Paul Hopkins


Don’t worry I won’t miss you, I’ll be back

Author — Munnik 7704


For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son to die on the cross for our sins that who so ever would believe on him would not perish but have everlasting life



I'm not taking your chip implant period, the end... WHO

Author — Shellie Huckabee


We have tons of information being presented by alternative sources that is in direct contradiction to the official narrative and almost all of it is being censored. There is something very wrong here. I no longer trust any information being presented by the mainstream media.

Author — WatchYourFront


Anyone wanna bet 2nd wave coming in fall 2020? Vegas odds -1500 . william hill -2000 ?

Author — Dzung Tren


Wearing masks protect their identities. :)

Author — cher


China was awful before. In Taiwan and Hong Kong legitimate lockdowns are basically impossible as China will use it as an excuse to attack these people

Author — Kris


Seriously.... peaceful protesting against China taking over shame on you guys !



Viral pandemics run there course naturally. No proof lockdowns work at all beyond the initial containment stage, once community spread is rampant there is very little social distancing or lockdowns/quarantines can actually do based on concrete facts . Most of Italy, Germany and Austria and other countries and states have been open in some places for weeks and no disaster. Over a month for some Asian countries. Sweden and Belarus never went into lockdown either and they haven't collapsed. This was a failed, overreaching and ultimately unnecessary response to the pandemic that will have terrible reproccussions and failed to save the lives of the elderly and vulnerable-the only ones who need it, as its likely the overall death rate is less than 1% and world wide deaths due to Coronavirus is still less than a bad flu season. (Less than 300k vs 650k flu deaths)

Author — James Hetfield


I do not think that it is very safe to help all those people so close together in a mall in Hong Kong. The coronavirus cases will increase and more people will become infected and died from it.

Author — Silvia Logan