'Somewhere, Even The Police Has No Longer Any Faith In The Justice System': Swati Maliwal Tells NDTV

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Ndtv true news sachi news dikhati hai khash karke mera ravish sir ko salute hai jo jhute neta log ka pardafas karte hai jai hind

Author — SORIN SAIM RAFI RATHORE Zairbahera rocks


In our society all went haywire when Shankaracharya divided hindus on the stupidest basid. And cunning topnotch accepted it out of selfishness and no concern for social justice. The Angrez saw it was good for them and supported it sealng our fate. No one is aware of it. A terrible pity.

Author — Watchful Mind


Why blame Politicians and Government of the day all the time for all the ills....Lower Court Judges ask Uniformed Criminals to depose, confess to their heinous Offences and Crimes, and then ask them to loot again.... Lower Court Judges are still awaiting directives from the Supreme Court on what to do with Uniformed Criminals, why would they from Politicians and the Government of the fact Criminals are infused into the system from the Lower judiciary itself.

Author — Crime Branch on Leave


Feminist, Swathi maliwal mam hat's off to you mam for your efforts to stop violence against women.

Author — police shekar


MODI IS NEXT HITLER mark my words....He doesn't care...He doesn't even care about his own wife...look how he disregards her....He admires the Chinese Dictator who already has concentration camps in China look what he is doing in Assam...encouraging hate...religious segregation....building Patel statue worth 400 million dollars when people staving and allowing people to BEG and protest just for justice just for women to feel safe and not be raped..A REAL Prime Minister would have passed law in hours...SEVEN YEARS PASSED after Jyoti Singh STILL nothing done....also allowing Nityananda to escape with invalid passport..when he is abusing kids women...You may think India getting better financially but at what COST..Poor getting poorer rich richer....This man has no soul no heart just a MASSIVE his best friend Amit Shah is no better....WAKE UP PEOPLE...THINK!!!!...You are voting for an Indian HITLER...

Author — Betty Boo's Sister