Moment cops take down Dayton shooter Connor Betts

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THE victims slaughtered by Connor Betts - including his own sister - have been revealed after his gun rampage at an Ohio bar.

The 24-year-old, from Bellbrook, opened fire with a high-powered rifle outside a drinking spot in the town of Dayton - just 12 hours after another gunman shot dead 20 in a Texas Walmart.

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Dayton Ohio shooting – Faces of victims murdered by Connor Betts, 24, who shot dead 9 including his own SISTER:

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Notice the police running IN while everyone else running OUT. True heroes.

Author — Jonathan Caretsky


If the shooter had gotten into that bar, it would’ve been total carnage. Everyone there was so fortunate the police were there in under a minute and stopped him.

Author — Benz Girlz


Much respect to the police. They ran straight to the source of the danger and eliminated the shooter with in 30 seconds.

Author — Fargo 701


Names of Police Officers who stopped it:
Sgt. William C. Knight
Officer Brian Rofles
Officer Jeremy Cambell
Officer Vincent Carter
Officer Ryan Nabel
Officer David Denlinger

Author — CopyTv


That officer saved so many people man. RIP to those that were killed, minus the shooter.

Author — joerover22


Cop was the hero .He shot the psycopath before he enter the bar

Author — Rajeep Thapa


Everyone in that bar owes the cops their life.

Author — Willy Gates


It's crazy that he killed his own sister. What a psychopath. RIP to those nine victims.

Author — Miles Skillman


Dude. These cops are bad ass well trained! What a response. They saved so many people. God bless the victims

Author — George


The citizens of Dayton, Ohio should be very proud of there police department.

Author — Ruth Cobb


Dayton, Ohio hired and trained true cops, no bullshite.

Author — Democracia Cuba


Those police officers are BADASS! They most def saved A LOT of lives. Thank you for your service, officers.

Author — Paige MacBeth


As all the regular citizens ran from the shooter (as I would’ve done) these brave police officers ran towards him knowing he had an assault rifle and most of them had only handguns. I’m so thankful the officers acted so quickly or so many more lives would’ve been lost. Thank you for serving and protecting. 💕

Author — Maya de Montaigu


So many people hate cops but look at them as they run away and the cops run towards the danger to save us

Author — Yully Dully


Thanks *Coppers* for saving tax payers money & Courts time. He was a liability even for prison.
Justice = Done💯

Author — Touhid


That one cop was a good shot. He got him from like 40 feet away, through the shooter's armor.

Author — dmed


The minute you see everybody running away and only the cops are moving in. Respect for that sacrifice

Author — Mattia Ghiani


Let's see what cops haters have to say after this, they didn't think twice to go and kill that matharfucker

Author — FBI AGENT


Jackass was no match for smart cops who lay in wait.... saw him coming and took him down. And I’m sure the jackass thought his body armor would give him the edge. Head shot....game over.

Author — Tim C


These are the same men people spit on, curse, throw water on, and shoot at. But, when they need one, oh how the tables turn.

Author — lanes58