Kamwe Kamwe - Inside Burundi’s Killing Machine: full documentary - BBC Africa Eye

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Former Burundian intelligence agents say that the country’s security services are running secret torture and detention sites to silence dissent. Using cutting edge reconstruction techniques BBC Africa Eye examines one house in particular, which was filmed in a video posted on social media in 2016. A red liquid, which looked like blood, was seen pouring from its gutter. We ask if Burundi’s repression of opponents has now gone underground? The government has always denied any human rights violations, and declined to comment for this report.

A BBC Africa Eye investigation - produced and directed by Charlotte Attwood and Maud Jullien.
Edited by Suzanne Vanhooymissen
Spatial reconstruction and Situated Testimony: Forensic Architecture
Motion Graphics: Tom Flannery

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Greed and power will destroy our african countries, it's so sad and heart breaking.

Author — Brenda Nyamichaba


the burundi leaders and government should be charged with human rights violations and war crimes and arrested and put in prison

Author — Cureall Mouthwash order on Amazon


When do we stop all these? Oh Africa my Africa and our Africa who have we wrong? who has done this to us? Vladimir Putin is right "When an African becomes rich, his bank accounts are in Switzerland. He travels to France for medical treatment. He invests in Germany. He buys from Dubai, He consumes Chinese. He prays in Rome, Israel, Mecca and Medina. His children study in Europe. He travels to USA, Canada and Europe for tourism. If he dies, he will be buried in his native country of Africa. Africa is just a cemetery for African. How can a cemetery be developed?" and Donald Trump "Africa is a shithole"

Author — Yahaya Josh Shagaya


Africa is its own enemy and has always been

Author — one time


We need change in Africa. Why would an African oppress his kind?

Author — kennedy nzuki


I am Kenyan and surprisingly, Kamwe Kamwe also means one by one in my native Kikuyu language. So sad that this government is killing the very people it is supposed to protect.

Author — kamundia gideon


This is horrific! Brutal beyond words.

Author — PoseidonXIII


All the pan Africans are not saying anything, until the International Criminal Court decides to act on behalf of the victims, then we'll see them shouting colonialism. Meanwhile, there's nothing wrong with Nkurunziza killing his own citizens

Author — Hassan Mattia


That's blood for sure. These evil people will face Gods wrath

Author — Fix It


African leaders are the clear definition of “ignorance” they always ignore history and the real power of the people and consequently fall the same way! Barbarism, autocracy & injustice have no space in democracy

Author — Mr Athumani Abdulla


This is so sad. Oh God how can humans become so brutal to those of their own in being

Author — MiG


These are the kind of people who need to be prosecuted in the ICC...These are crimes against humanity

Author — Kiprono Kenneth


the man who his face is hidden who fled after he was captured you are brave but you are also free never forget what you heard or saw help your people keep speaking out never silence yourself

Author — Anonymous NA


Why they didn't take samples from that red thing?



I think someone have to put those bloodthirsty lizards down...

Author — KAMOG


:( This is so sad. Jesus please use us to change our continent...

Author — Tshegang Chipeya


This is the main reason why countries should never be policed by their military. Military is supposed to protect the people from foreign hostilities and are not trained nor effective on police procedure. So when a political leaders use the military on the people, that is a solid indication that their only intention is to intimidate and abuse and to secure power over people that are not willing to support that leader. There are no examples in history where this is untrue. No exceptions.

Author — MOE HALL


So what good Burundians were expecting from that man full of genocide ideology.!they never learned a lesson from the Rwandan genocide....

Author — ngabo ngabo


@6:24 brilliant! We won't reveal his identity....but he worked specifically as a guard, with a very famous politican. And I'll name the politican now...

Author — steven jackson


Why don't they just take some probes of that blood and analyze it ?

Author — Aram Zamzam