Historian Victor Davis Hanson on why he supports Trump

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Author of 'The Case for Trump' explains his early support in the 2016 campaign on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.'

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America ur so lucky that Trump came along. & so is the free world. Stop this nonsense called globalism

Author — Pipito Paerata


Victor Davis Hanson is what a true intelligent scholar sounds like. Unlike the majority of the hyenas in our Institutions of "high learning" today. 😞

Author — jlovera7723


Victor Davis Hanson is one of the greatest thinkers of our time

Author — cargiar


Brilliant interview. He articulates the culture war so well.

Author — TripHop B.C.


I love the man’ s intellect and ability to explain the poison of the left. God bless him !

Author — Frank Liping


They don't want equality of opportunity. They want equality of outcome which is a bunch of dangerous nonsense.

Author — Miss Vendetta


I grew up learning about the propaganda of the Nazis, the Commies, the Fascists, and I always used to think "ha, how stupid were people back then?" Now, we see the Leftist/Globalist propaganda, and people are falling for blatant propaganda again! It's mind blowing.

Author — bill gates


I support President Donald J Trump ALL THE WAY, ALWAYS. *Elaine *



Victor Davis Hanson, a voice of logic and reason.

Author — madminute


If Dr. Victor Davis Hanson could only have more influence on the National scene. What a better country we would have here in the United States.

Author — Richard McLeod


One thing Mark Levin does that other hosts don't do - he lets his guests speak without interrupting them. How refreshing!

Author — Kenneth James


VDH is always worth your time. A fascinating man of great intelligence.

Author — Cuba Blue


The Left destroys everything it touches.

Author — seawardbnd


Compare this to those harpies talking over each other on “The View”

Author — 4d's


"The lack of gratitude" says it all. Every day I marvel over my beloved 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 with 300K miles
(made in America/Fremont, Ca) and how fortunate I am to be living well, Plying a good $ trade, breathing clean air, and own a modest house with food garden, not only in the USA but, in California - some of the best weather and terraign on Earth. And seeing Trump as the best President of my lifetime!? I'm living like a king with great hope for my future and the future of America and the Planet. MAGA and MTWGA (Make the World Great again)

Author — bettybassman


Thanks for introducing me to Victor Davis Hanson! Great Post!

Author — El Rey


Dr. Hanson is the embodiment of a Gentleman and a Scholar. He is America's model for Academia Excellence...

Author — Martin Coons


First time I've heard of this gentleman, I'm in Australia. It's so refreshing to be talked to, instead of being talked or yelled at..

Author — Ray G


I love how he's always calm, cool, and collected.

Author — Aero Nomer


I wish Fox News would have Victor Davis Hanson on more. Maybe give him his own show. I could listen to him for hours. Great show.

Author — BDom