Bookkeeping Basics for Small Business Owners

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Keeping your books in order is a key piece to running a healthy, successful business.

To all the entrepreneurs rolling up their sleeves to do their own bookkeeping, we salute you! This is for you.

We walk you through the basics of what bookkeeping is, why it matters, and the seven key steps to getting your own bookkeeping process off the ground.

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This lady is perfect for tutorials! Please upload more!!! She has such a great voice, it is clear and concise and easy to follow along with. Thank you!!!!

Author — Nadia


Why doesn't the school teach accounting like that? I think everyone would like the subject today.
Thanks, Bench for the video.

Author — Jonathan Bignoux


I love that I didn’t have to pay to take a course when she literally just spelled it out. Win for YouTube.

Author — Nadia Elisian


Can you make video on paying yourself from LLC

Author — Ishan siewdath


She's so engaging. Thanks for the video.

Author — Ryan M. McLaren


I benefited from this a whole lot. Thank you Bench!

Author — Mojisola Akinbobola


this video helped so much and im generally slow when it comes to accounting and numbers thank you so much ^_^

Author — Haneen Wolf


This tutorial was very well done and very concise on the 'rules' or 'habits' of bookkeeping that would/could make it easy.

Author — William Ayers


Impeccable! Perfect content, perfect delivery perfect pitch. Thank you :)

Author — Sridhar Ramakrishnan


I literally liked this video because she is smiling telling so it feels attractive to me

Author — anirudh anantha


Here is simpler definition:
1. She said "The process of tracking all of your company's financial transactions so you can see exactly where your business is spending money, where revenue is coming from, and which tax deductions you'll be able to claim."

all that means is: "A way of tracking money going in and out"

if you want to more simplifying please subscribe and like this comment. I am tired of the exaggerations people make in their fields.

Author — StudentLearning737


Wow! She is great, I wonder if I can find someone like her on Fiverr lol :-D

Author — Calvin Bridges


Thank you for this video and keeping it simple!

Author — By The Window - Soap & Craft Boutique


Heartwarming encouragement, thank you a lot

Author — Wess Zep


Thank you thank you so much for the tutorial. Even at least I know a bit of Microsoft Skills but not book keeping, your video really help me. Best regards.

Author — Baibai Peter


Incredible program that has changed my life.

Author — Jeff Duhon


Thank you! This was a great video! Amazing how you managed not to bore me and to keep me absorbed for what otherwise, become a turn the page moment! You made it simple to do and encouraging for anyone to stay and learn to do their own bookkeeping. I'm enlightened by the worst-case scenario, Bench is there to grab onto and hold the torch to light the way or Bench will just take it on for you altogether. :)

Author — Hanksterock Pase rock


Informative for the layman such as myself. Thank you for the financial information.

Author — ElectroShock


3:28; credit is always on the left & debit is always on the right; "DC ADE LER"

Author — scientist100


First video that explains you clearly and to the point

Author — Entertainment Excites