Hundreds Arrested In Kazakhstan As Demonstrators Protest Presidential Vote | TIME

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Police detained hundreds of people in Kazakhstan amid unauthorized protests of a presidential election Sunday that opponents alleged was a fake exercise in democracy.

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Hundreds Arrested In Kazakhstan As Demonstrators Protest Presidential Vote | TIME

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People of world! Spread this video, help world to know what nazarbaev dictature is

Author — Alexius


Қазақтын жауы қазақ болды.МЕНТ АМОНДАР ПЕДИКТЕР

Author — Ақнұр Шағатай


When a dictator, even one with good intent, runs a country for thirty years you know it will end badly.

Author — M


Kazakhstan policemens "kotakbaSTAR" !.

Author — Allmylife


Dear brothers and sisters, on the other side of the ocean, many do not know about the situation in Kazakhstan, help us
we demand that the ex-president leave his current post, we demand to return the name of the capital Astana, we demand fair elections. look what they do with the people, where is the justice? Where is our freedom of choice? where is our freedom of speech?

Author — Ramazan Orazov


Our Love and prayers from Pakistan to the brave and innocent people of Kazakhstan. May Allah help you to get rid of opressing regime. Ameen

Author — man KHAN


Kazakhstan dictator country! KAZAKHSTAN corruption country!

Author — Акс Рагнарок


Maybe throw in some subtitles..? Lol, just make it up, you're mainstream news outlet, no one will question it.

Author — James Pawson


Because people did not thunder, did not suit riots, for which he was arrested?

Author — Reke Asin


Euro journalists please help the people of this country, please... SOS please please please...

Author — Bulat K


They're not getting arrested they're going to be executed

Author — account closed


thank you TIME for sharing such an outrageous behaviour of Kazakh officials towards to it's own nation! People all over the world should know that in 9th June there were illegal snap elections in Kazakhstan quickly organized to transit the governance to its own suitable candidate! People still protesting in streets of Astana, Almaty and some other regions, police are catching them everywhere, even the random civils are arrested and taken to jail, police taking them to the NIGHT COURT, which is insane, judging them without the protection of lawyers! In Kazakhstan there are no human rights, no employment rights, when it comes to people the law doesn't work!

Author — femmeFatale


Kazakhstan sure is a Capitalist paradise eh?

Author — Ocelotl Chimalpahin


Fake democracy??? No wonder it fumes angers. Think even harder till our brains explodes. Huh???

Author — Nurazianie Abdullah


Оданша атып тастандар. Буйтип ак шашты аналар мен аталарды корлаганша. МВД РОВД. Собр КМБ тер атып кырып тастан алемде сендер каласындар

Author — Анарика Алмина


Please help Kazakhstan, the government against the people, the police beat the residents. The people want to choose the president himself. Help our country please😥

Author — Зульфия Рахимбаева


NOWADAYS, Kazakhstan mass media's are blocked for outside, internet users suffer from this!

Author — Галия Галия


To all those ready to jump into using these self-declared democratic socialist countries ruled by dictators as example. Why not take a look at REAL examples of democratic socialist countries like the Scandinavian and some European countries? They govern by definition of the word:

Democratic-socialism: democratic government, socialist economy.

Sounds fair to me. Wealth is shared, rich have limited power to own properties, pay more tax if you earn more, less if you earn less, universal health care, affordable schools (Finland has the best education system in the world), happy people= low crime rate, best of all, NOBODY stays in power for as long as 30 years. The people can vote who they want without fear of repercussions. Nothing is perfect, all systems have flaws but this is the best that works for the people.

Author — JRod


I wouldn't want to visit any of the six 'stan' countries.

Author — hugh jorgan


Акмактар сенднрдин карындарын ток кутырасындар узбекстанда жасасандар билесиндер казакстаннын кадирин

Author — Ерзат Калдыбек