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The fact that you created an extended history about a speedruning Mario joke is awesome

Author — enmanuel castillo


People: anybody can produce more hype than Avengers Endgame

Terminalmontage : hol' my *birdup*

Author — Julious


Here's what I think is happening...

The speed demon was actually a being born in an alternate universe, which is a parallel universe to the world characters like Speedrunner Mario and Melee Fox live in.

My theory is that when the speed demon was born, it wrecked severe havoc on the universe he was born in, leaving only at least 20% of its entire population.

Before long, its remaining inhabitants went on missions to capture the beast, either to destroy it, or even use its powers for personal gain. Whichever the cause, it should have been the reason why it fled to another universe. The universe where most of TMs animations take place.

Before it completely vanished from its original universe, a small particle of its energy was left behind. The survivors of that universe used its powers to create a spaceship that can travel to alternate universes.

Geno, Rosalina, and the Lumas were one of the only survivors of the planet, so they were asked by the others to use the spaceship and track down the speed demons location so they can capture it.

Meanwhile, the speed demon just so happened to run into Mario, who, to it, was the perfect host to possess. He possessed Mario and it could explain why he has such dangerous power.

Since that incident, Luigi has then started a separate investigation. As the one who loved his brother so much, he decided to also start tracking down the speed demon so he can also try finding a cure for his possessed brother.

That's when Kirby comes into the picture. As the wielder of the Almighty Crucifix, Luigi soon found a way to get rid of the speed demon from Mario's body once and for all. But then a bigger problem arises. How can he track down his brother?

The charts we see at Luigis House contain information on Mario's whereabouts. And since he has been receiving phone calls, it proves that people are also aware of the speed demon being in their universe.

However, the phone call was from Kirby, who, right before that phone call, happened to notice Super Sonic flying past Planet Popstar. We can then assume that characters with similar powers like Samus, Fox, and Sonic may be suspected of having been also possessed, but there is no evidence to this.

This video is showing Geno and Rosalina finally arriving in the universe of TMs animations, and the alert signal could be of two things: The speed demon, or a similar unidentified flying object with the same powers.

In conclusion, all I can say is:

-Speed Demon is being hunted down
-Geno and Rosalina are from the original universe of the Speed Demon, and they are assigned with the task of taking it down
-Mario has been possessed
-Kirby knows the Speed Demons Weakness
-Sonic, Fox, and Samus have very similar powers to that of the Speed Demon, and are being suspected of either being the Speed Demon or possessed by it.
-Luigi is trying to save his brother

What do u think of my theory? Is there any other possible explanation? Comment down below! Like if u like it and think my theory is possible

Author — Joker Main99


This is all because of chaos emerald Sanic

Author — EatenTurtle62


Wait a minute

What if the lumas are spying on the characters and recording them for information

"Here's Something About Kirby, sir"

Author — Geo The Poly


“Coming Winter 2020”
People in the Southern Hemisphere: *NOW this is epic.*

Author — Supercat


You’ve heard of “Something about...“
But how about “Something”

Author — Sans Fan 101


Coming winter 2020: a literal god became space hitler, a possessed doll is her general, and she’s enslaving literal STARS

Author — Jack Hills


"coming 2020"
Me who lives in a country with no winter: . _.

Author — Christine


So... is the entirety of Rosalina’s ship just a massive Particle Accelerator Cannon, or is it just for show, because I don’t think even a singularity could destroy the “Speed Demon”.

Author — Jamison Peel


I have no clue what’s happening, but I’m loving Admiral Rosalina.

Author — Mr. Phalanges


I have not seen a _single_ comment talking about how cool Rosalinas new spaceship looks. Unless I’m missing a reference, this is an original design by TerminalMontage, and I’m loving it!

Author — Red Blob


"Coming Winter 2020"

Me who's in Quarantine forget what day it is : Oh So In A Couple Of Weeks Right

Author — Cereal Poco


In the mean time


Author — JERIONxOP 23



Author — Deluxe Legend


All the meme vids actually being an elaborate stealth setup to get people invested in a smash fanfic is actually kinda genius

Author — Lazypackmule


Questioning why can’t w you uplaoad that much?

Author — Da man grant. Bringardner


I come back to this man's channel, has over 2MIL subs, still hearting everyone's comments.

Damn I feel old

And I remember when he had 500k wtf happened

Author — BryceTV.


Rosalina: It’s time. Deploy the “kirbo”.
Geno: Ok. Head to planet popstar

Author — Sabrina Turcotte


Galaxy: “Go, Mario!”
Something About: “Go to Hell, Mario!”

Author — jumpinggalorre plays