What Bill Gates is afraid of

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There's something out there that's as bad as war, something that kills as many people as war, and Bill Gates doesn't think we're ready for it.

"Look at the death chart of the 20th century," he says, because he's the kind of guy that looks at death charts. "I think everybody would say there must be a spike for World War I. Sure enough, there it is, like 25 million. And there must be a big spike for World War II, and there it is, it's like 65 million. But then you'll see this other spike that is as large as World War II right after World War I, and most people, would say, 'What was that?'"

"Well, that was the Spanish flu."

In a 1990 paper on "The Anthropology of Infectious Disease," Marcia Inhorn and Peter Brown estimated that infectious diseases "have likely claimed more lives than all wars, noninfectious diseases, and natural disasters put together."

Infectious diseases are our oldest, deadliest foe.

And they remain so today. "In a good year, flu kills over 10,000 Americans," says Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "In a bad year, it kills over five times that. If we have a pandemic, it will be much worse. People think the H1N1 flu wasn’t so bad. But more than 1,000 American kids died from H1N1!"

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I can tell this guy will be successful one day

Author — Absolutely Unreal


What we’re all afraid of: YouTube’s recommendation timing

Author — HD Tigerrr


Corona is not that about he spoke. COVID-19 is not killing "enough". So let s see, if there will be soon a really dangerous pandemy.

Author — Rudi Meierich


Everyone should check out gematria effect sports, Bill and Melinda gates foundation event 201 simulated 65 million deaths from coronavirus October 2019. pass it on.

Author — DSV



YouTube: Check out those videos where they all relay the same message "I TOLD YOU SO"

Author — Malak Sayed


Whoa this guys smart, he should start a multibillion dollar company or something.

Edit: Pardon my mistake, *TRILLION* dollar company.

Author — Julian


Me back then: "eh"
YouTube: **hey, you know what video you ignored? Well he was right**

Author — Radian Circle


Bill gates: predicted future

Simpson’s: yes

Author — Lackz


He still wasn’t much wrong, maybe it’s still coming and we just don’t know it

Author — Tony Fast Jr


He predicted this outbreak more than 5 years ago. Although ground zero wasn’t Africa

Author — Deepak Singh


YouTube algorithm isn't playing games.

Author — Piece of Crop


This man had the future vision long before anyone else.

Author — Ankit Kalavadiya


Bill and Melinda gates foundation also involved with Global cult, just check ALL the investments and involvement of these people. That's why they know.

Author — Peter Jones


Bill Gates 2015: i’m scared more for a disease and not a nuclear war

People in 2020:😲

Author — Jay's Aesthetics


He must have seen a Simpsons episode that never aired publicly

Author — Byond


Biggest nightmare of bill gates is that one day he will become a millionaire

Author — Mitrea Nicu


*_E V E N T 2 0 1_*

Author — Super Nintendo Chalmers


The conspiracy comments are ridiculous. If Covid-19 is a conspiracy the United States had 5 years to prepare.

Author — Metaview X


He is not a DR why is he so into viruses

Author — Sara Israel


He is afraid his involvement will come to light

Author — Peter Aston