Who launched the drone attack against Saudi oil facilities?

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A drone attack on critical Saudi oil facility is being investigated as Yemen's Houthi rebels claim they were behind the strikes and have warned of more attacks but the US claim Iranian involvement.

The attack on Aramco could mean up to half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production could be disrupted.

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Why the world worried about. Saudi Arabia’s oil burning when Saudis committing Genocide in Yemen 🇾🇪 the world should be talking about the people who’s suffering in Yemen

Author — The Phenomenon


Every time the Houthis are mentioned they are the "Iran backed Houthis" and none of Saudi Arabias atrocities are mentioned. The media is reporting this like a terrorist attack, not a retaliatory strike against a hostile invader, like it is. And these media companies can do a better job pretending to care. They constantly talk about the effects on the world's oil supply but not a peep on how many people were killed or injured in the strike.

Author — Peter Bruno


The world does not care about the destruction and death of Yemen, but oil price hike will get the right attention.

Author — clear sky


What do Saudi’s are doing in Yemen is a genocide and USA is helping them. Good for yemen

Author — me huss


oh Hell, the price will go up for petrol again !

Author — duty paid 2


The Saudis did it to themselves, directly or indirectly.

Author — John Morris


Let’s be honest with us, this oil drives the Saudi killing machine over Yemen. It’s a legitimate target. No matter what, the Saudis are worst than any other nation in the middle east.

Author — Dardania Lion


Those darn Houthi rebels are really Green activists. 😆

Author — Timon


saudi military sucks, very good at targeting helpless civilians but cant even protect their oil field.

Author — Aldridge Gonzales


I worked on oil rigs in Australia, we have enough oil to supply the world for 20 years but they capped it all. Its all RIGGED.

Author — liabilitymate


It’s odd after 48 hours the new minister of oil was announced the son of the king and this happens!!! 😂😂😂

Author — Weli Hassan


Yes, here we go again. Blame the Iranians. It all suits the U.S. government's secret agenda.

Author — David


I actually want to fight for houthies

They are true Arabs, and the only
Arabs who gets my respect

Long live the houthies!!

Author — no name Dyrseth


Didn't Saudi Arabia attack and wage an unprovoked and unjustified war on Yemen, one of the poorest nations on Earth?

Author — James Bonde


That's what they get for starving them to death and bombing them in yeman.

Author — Carmen Santana


They fighting with British weapon ...what about 400 billion USD USA weapons sales to Saudi ??

Author — Ahmad Hussain


Western news just put Iranian backed behind anything lol fake news bs

Author — Job Carpenter


saudis military with third largest military budget defeated by Houthis! Long live Yemen under the great Houthis

Author — Sputnik 1


its a shame that we are pals with saudi arabia well done yemen

Author — khail chain


Why do they say "Iranian backed" when they never say US backed attacks?

Author — Grimah