Coronavirus update: Countries around the world impose stricter measures | DW News

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Europe is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. Travel into Europe, the current epicenter of the coroanvirus pandemic, is being severely restricted. European Union leaders have agreed on a 30-day ban on travellers entering the bloc. The decision will affect most non-citizens and non-residents of the European Union - with some exceptions. It will be up to each member state to implement the new regulations.
But Covid19 is also having a massive impact elsewhere:
- The US and Canada, which share the world's longest land border, are working out the details of banning all non-essential travel between the two countries.
- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hinted that the U-K might also have to close its schools, as in many other European countries.
- Cuba has recorded its first death from the coronavirus. The country's health ministry says the victim was a 61-year-old Italian tourist. Unlike many Latin Amerian countries, Cuba has not closed its borders.
- Japan's deputy prime minister says holding the Summer Olympics would make 'no sense' if countries can't send athletes. But the government says it is still working to hold the Games as scheduled.

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Most of us, "average citizens around the world, " are so dependent on "working' and on "making money" just to survive, "virus or no virus." 💚

Author — Dejame Decirte


The CEO, s of the various airlines should give up their bonuses to save the airline industry. Where are all the billions of dollars in profit that they have made over the years.

Author — nosa negro


Medical workers are the biggest heroes right now.

Author — Wayne Jackson


Feel terrible for Drs. and nurses have to go through. Appreciated what they are doing, let the whole world united together and overcome this. Put aside all meaningless fights and finger pointngs, what does winning means without life ?

Author — lonelygoose87


Ordinary people won't survive without money too...Where is the help for those that must stay home and will be fired ?

Author — first Impression


11:55 this doctor is a hero. She brought tears to my eyes. What a lady, what a team.

Author — Thornback


As an American living in Germany, I find many older people just being ignorant. My mother & father in law think we are over reacting. They live above us and are daughters are not allowed to visit with them. We are trying to protect them who are 66 & 72.They go grocery shopping in the middle of the day at peak time.

Author — Jefff


God!! Our grandparents were called to go to war, we are just being asked to stay on the damn couch watching Netflix and eating ice cream. Let's put things into context!

Author — Angela-Karina Lavandier


When I had pneumonia in december, the hardest part was that I could barely sleep, because breathing was hard. Lack of sleep is more damaging for the imune system. Make sure to get enough sleep.

Author — Nikolova D. M.


We are not even a month into the economic consequences of COVID-19 and the greedy managers start to call for taxpayers‘ money? They had years of great business to put money aside for the downswing of the economy, where has that money gone to? They gave the money to their shareholders and used it for stock buy-backs in return for huge bonuses instead of building a financial reserve. So will politicians reward this bad management with taxpayer money? What about small businesses and self-employed people? Will they be saved from bancruptcy?

Author — Energie Wender


Japan: OK. We supplies citizen with emergency cash.

We: Yeah!

Japan: 12, 000yen

We: No.

Author — m t


I wonder what our world will be like in a year from now.

Author — Crazy Cat


It's a big scare movie.
Corona being used as a weapon of control to train people into lock downs.

Author — NBaimf


There is already millions infected in every country in sure of it.

Author — The Good Life


What next, shut internet, and communications so population cannot talk about the truth?.

Author — Daniel Momcilovic


Japan: ok guys we got the olympics this time
officer covid-19: alright, pack it up world, move along, nothing to see here

Author — Y Lee Williams


Never let a crisis go to waste. Digital currency will be proposed because Money can infect u going forward. Your rights will be less

Author — Gregory Chalmers


7:39 "There's findings suggest that people are most contagious before they have the disease"

Shouldn't this be all over in the the news??!!
This is kind of an important detail that should be told to the people that won't take quarantine seriously.

Author — v n


God bless all the heroes risking their lives for others, God protect us all Ameen.

Author — SAS {}


A month ago it was Asia and America was just chilling. I'm in NYC and now everything's starting to shut down, been moving fast, my last video actually talked about ways corona has impacted everyone, but it's truly a hardcore time in history, stay safe and well everyone!!

Author — Kevin's Journal