Inside the street battles for Mosul - BBC News

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In the east of Mosul, street to street battles are raging. The BBC's Middle East Correspondent Quentin Sommerville reports on the stiff resistance from IS who are fighting back with sniper fire and suicide bombings.

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This is painful to watch. Evils being committed in the name of religion. An imaginary caliphate that insults the human civilization and seeking to deprive people of their rights. ISIS/ISIL/Daesh is not from God. This is satan walking with two feet.

Author — Boitumelo Tshwenyego


Thanks to USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for all of these chaos and suffering.

Author — Bingo Bingo


I was crynig When i heard that he was dead

Author — AmoriTube


Did you see the soldier how cry for the civilian death?
He doesn't know him but he knew he was Iraqi and he couldn't help him.
And still the bad media said that Iraqi soldiers killing the civilian

Author — Ali MassouD


You watch movies like Children of Men and think oh shit that's depressing but then something worse is the reality here :(

Author — Tae Son


We kill people who kill people to show people that killing people is wrong.
I have no problem with that if it s the isis.. But to be honest.. Who knows who kills who in syria right now? 7 countries are bombing there.. Who is enemy and who is friend.. There is only one thing for sure. A lot of weapons are sold for that. And the guys who sold them are sitting somewhere safe with a lot of money

Author — Adil


This is how USA/UK democracy lessons end.

Author — Ilya Shevyryaev


Pain, horror, death - how very sad it makes me to see so much misery. I have worked in the past with Iraqi man, in Miami Fl, and I can tell you they are wonderful, friendly and happy people. I am so sorry to see that country destroyed, and to see so much pain and misery. You can blame religion, you can blame politics, you can blame ideology, I blame the evil men do!

May God, Allah, protect the innocent people of Iraq, and bring peace to their hearts.


Author — Pedro Martinez


2:17 that guy on the right is on Vice News' coverage of the army in Fallujah. He really loves Red Bull!

Author — BrJcenalock


may god peace come to life of iraqi brother sister jews muslim or other irrispective of their beilif

Author — noopur saxena


God grant victory to the Iraqi army Champions

Author — Mohammed Mansour


from new jersey!god please look out after all this people especially the children!!!

Author — Dave Nunez


Thought I saw brig suleiman there.Good guy.I like his body language.

Author — Mayur Panghaal


Please do not allow the bitter fighting within Iraq to keep everyone divided. There is only one evil to overcome at this time. Once Iraq is liberated, work together to find peace. Do not let the Iraqi soldiers and citizens die in vain.

Author — Joe Black


ISIS lost half of Mosul in November... the second half is on the way. They are nothing.

Author — gibson


•Went into comments.
•Immediately leave comments.

Author — Lukas Herrans


"God" bless you, Quentin Sommerville.

Author — dkim2011


is what you guys anglos does
to the rest of the world

Author — Luis enrique


All of this suffering and death was caused the lies of the Bush-Cheney Administration. The Anglo-American led West coveted the Iraqi oil, so they stole it at the cost of nearly 5, 000 Americans killed and an estimated 1.25 million Iraqi civilians killed.
No doubt, should Bush or Cheney face justuce, they'll call the lie the fault of bad intelligence. Sorry, stupid and greedy are not defenses against mass murder.

Author — John Hlavaty


This is what happens when the US and UK invade a country without any good reason. Creating a power vacuum where Isis thrived.

Also it is in the interests of the west for the war to continue. War is a very profitable business for those making and selling arms.

Author — James Mash