Video of drunk bus driver in Washington state released l ABC News

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Young students can be heard screaming while on the edge of their seats.

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Lol how drunk you gotta be to have kids recognizing that your drunk

Author — PewDiePies Dingleberries


She should get a child endangerment charge for each kid that was on the bus.

Author — Grey Goose


The kid that called 911, he’s a boss. 💜

Author — Phillips Mom


She already got DUI’s in the past so why hire her again and then almost kill children on the bus? I’d like to see the people who hired her exposed on ABC News and see what the hell they were thinking

Author — Random Gurl


Kid : “YOUR CRAZY”!!!
Bus Driver: I’m TOTALLY CRAZY !!
Yea, , , I’d say she was a bit over the legal limit 🤪🤪

Author — jeff wade


Wtf, good on these kids for knowing, she should be never allowed around children again, .scary stuff

Author — NicNak Braun


When she signed up for the job she probably saw buz driver instead of bus driver.

Author — kingley45


I mean did you really think she'd be "available" for comment?

Author — Paris Nolen


Wow that dispatchers soul was crushed when he said it's going to be a DUI. bless her heart

Author — Sam Lutfi


She’s just lucky she didn’t cause an accident or crashed the bus

Author — PannierTankProductions 1929


I think it's crazy that the little boy knew how alcohol breath smelled like. 🤨

Author — Ms Wonder Woman


"I was hoping the kid wasn't right." That's a terrifying statement.

Author — V XXIII


I'm just happy the dispatcher actually had an officer look into it, and find the bus driver because from hearing her tone while talking to the boy it sounded like she didn't believe him. 🙁
Thank God she did the right thing. And Thank God that boy stepped up, and called 911 to report her!
You should be very proud of yourself! You saved many lives that day!

Author — Walkin' Tall


LoL when they paused it to show her face

Author — Üf


That very responsible young man is my HERO!
I hope that she faces Serious consequences.

Author — Make Racists Afraid Again


Lmao “I am crazy, I’m totally crazy” 😂

Author — Manuel Garcia


When you are driving to get some milk and you see a bus spinning on the road!

Author — Kevin Pawl


It pains me how many adults don’t believe children in dire situations. She could have crashed with kids still on the bus.

Author — alexangel


Damn! Can't even wait till after school hours before hitting the bottle! Those poor kids!

Author — Lori Casey


The Bus driver should spend the rest of her " crazy " life in prison.

Author — David Ellis