Real or Fake Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors (GAME)

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Today, we're joined by our friend and author Lance Rubin to determine whether or not these Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors are real or fake. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1689

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Try the REAL flavors and let us know what YOU think!

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At the ben and Jerry's factory in Vermont, they have a flavor graveyard. Could you guys do an episode recreating the flavors that were discontinued and put in the graveyard?

Author — Theresa Lynn


Link: "Carmul Carmul Carmul"
Rhett: "How do you say this word I say care-uh-mel"
Link: "oh I say care-uh-mel"

Author — SodaMehPop


I was kind of hoping that when they rolled the wheel away the cellist would still be there...

Author — Andrea Hamlin


Glad it landed on Gifticality. Gotta spend that $8794.21 they saved on all that fancy food. 🤔

Author — biggriggs23


Oat of this Swirled is Snot Mike Up Puffed He

Author — BobTheGoatgod


link needs to stop trying to "pull ahead" on the early rounds where the answer is obvious and everyone else agrees lol

Author — elmadicine


_Me, someone who’s bought my girlfriend too much Ben and Jerry’s:_ oh yeah, you bet that’s a flavor

Author — Bloodreign137


Lol you can tell Rhett is still salty over whoever complained about him stopping it on gifticality, cause he has been doing it all the time. I’m not the one complained I’m just saying it’s funny.

Author — Zehzu Green


Link: Simply grabs ice cream
The Ice Cream: *Launches*

Author — Cameron Quinn


They should do a "Matcha Kup puffed he" flavor.

Author — Kinna Kreature


Rhett looking like a greek stature
Link be looking like a nasa scientist

Author — Not pinky


You guys should try to get Claire Saffitz as a gues- that would be a fun ep.

Author — Helena Roberts


3:59 Rhett: there is a hair in this dough
Lance: Its chipless not hairless :D

Author — #itsmezuzka


He has to write a book called "Lanswers" now

Author — Caleb


Link is the hot nerd all nerds want to be.

Author — Jessica Lee


Btw their book isn’t like a normal “YouTuber” book. It’s actually SUPER entertaining (I’ve read it twice so far cause it’s so good) and isn’t predictable. I’d really suggest buying it or maybe just renting it.

Author — Lauren Eleanora


I work in the frozen section of a grocery store so I got a perfect score on this thing.

Author — Matthew Rondello


There needs to be another channel called
“Good mythical even more”

Author — John


I didn't realize....how it's actually strange to have an encyclopedic knowledge of Ben & Jerry's 😅
I have a very specific set of skills.

Author — LightHousesRule27


“I saw what you did.” 👀 Link has said that to Rhett A LOT. You can tell.

Author — Catherine A