Hannity: Pelosi's temper tantrum

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Nancy Pelosi becomes the first House speaker to ban the president from delivering his State of the Union address from the House chamber. #Hannity #FoxNews

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Take a look at San Francisco, you'll see EXACTLY how much Nancy Pelosi cares about American

Author — Ronda Meier


How dare you ask that lady to back up her statement with a single fact.

Author — Hollow Dog


where do they find these mindless scumbags

Author — Robert Fredericks


She is insane with power to the point that she is literally a Narcissist.

Author — tamera church


Who the hell does she thinks she is? It's outrageous that she would dis-invite the President to speak at the House of Representatives!!!

Author — Alana Adams


Hillary Nancy and Schumer all need to leave this country, they are trying to start a war, a war that they will they do not care about Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

Author — Chris G


Democrates are good at one thing and one thing only. Spending other peoples money and making sure their money is untouched. Its a thing called Socialism. By the way, where did Nancy get all her millions from? and Waters for that matter. By serving and coming up for the poor? Yes. Exactly. Think about it.

Author — Demarcation


People are so in the dark on things. 🤬

Author — mountainfolk2511


Hands down the best president ever and if you don’t like it just wait 6 years 😆

Author — douglas schmidt


Human rights being violated “the list goes on and on”. But you can’t name one? LOL ok.

Author — W Joseph


Pelosi needs to be dismissed...she needs to be replaced by someone who is a true Patriot...🇺🇸

Author — emma lane


Walls don’t work! Then why are there doors?

Author — Jeff S


What is she doing for? She work for herself or American people ?
So Crazy !, We need safe. I support for Trump for our Country safe.

Author — Sean Kim


I live in New York, and I'm for trump!

Author — m p


Its NOT her house it's the PEOPLES house

Author — Barrett Kettle


That interviewer in the leather jacket is so smooth.
He reminds me of Frozone.

Author — Benjamin Speaks


Why don't he just investigate how she became so rich that should seal the deal right there

Author — allen adcock


Nancy having a tantrum: "I want the power of Grayskull!" 😲

Author — Tamara Magdalene


NO MORE FREE TRIPS ON THE TAXPAYERS! These tours have gotten way out of hand. All trips using government transportation or funds should be approved by the Executive Branch.

Author — Dave Miner


Wow. This was entertaining. So glad I got hit my pen and giggling at this 😂

Author — crstl89