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Foam airplanes are the jam

►Music: “Check It Out” by Oh The Larceny
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💬 Comments on the video

Every time I watch Dude Perfect I think..

How long would the video actually be with no edits..

Author — Ether7


These guys have been around for a time and they still have the same energy they are amazing

Author — Toad Face


like this if they should do a sleepover stereotype

Author — العالم العربي


my favourite trick shot was the banking gonger like if watching in 2020

Author — Carmen Martins


The barrel roll bomber didnt go through the loop

Author — Nicholas Wolf


there are 68k comment's if you find me then you are legend😎

Author — Al Muqit


It feels like this was just made yesterday... How the time flies.

Author — CrisHurt0212


2:28 (Leaked Footage Of North Korean Airforce!)

Author — Bossjr07


"Uhh, this is your captain speaking, uh we no longer have any wings..."

Author — YoBoiAriz


All the dislikes are the people that are so bad at trick shots they missed the like button!!! 😂

Author — Sameera Bandaranayake


Dude perfect: Does all of those amazing tricks

Me: screaming because I did a bottle flip

Author — Amira Hawila


After trick i hear that same "YEAH"



Plot Twist: The planes were paid actors

Author — Allen Abundis


Another Perfect Video! My Dream is to Make Collabo with DP, i am 4 times World Champion in Knife Throwing so if you want to see Epic Knife Throwing Trick Shots, Hit that Like Button and maybe they will see it! Thank you Guys and Have a Great Day :)

Author — Adam Celadin


Cats: meow
Dogs:wof wof

Author — Jesús González


Man I wonder how many takes they have to do to get those crazy shots, it seems like luck but it can't be!

Author — Corey's Whitetail Woods


I wonder how many hours it to took for each trick to get right

Author — RED_10R


My favorite trick was The International Swicther

Author — Linkon Blessman


I loved the last one it was so smooth.

Author — Mohammed mamoune


I'm watching this 4th time. Anyone more

Author — sharif bacha