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Major outbreaks of the new coronavirus have suddenly been detected in both Italy and Iran in the past few days.

Meanwhile, cases in South Korea have surged making it one of the worst-affected countries.

Global cases of the virus have passed 80,000, the vast majority in China.

Iran, one of the worst-affected nations outside China, on Tuesday said its deputy health minister, Iraj Harirchi, had tested positive for the virus.

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If there's no vaccine or cure and the Olympics is still held, that would be one of the most idiotic things that humans have ever done.

Author — youngbreezy60


Finally a valid reason to avoid humans..

Author — S G


"Global epidemic"

Yeah, that's called a pandemic.

Author — John Stark


Corona Virus: *Obviously becoming very huge problem*

People: Let's go around the world to spread it even more, yaaay!!!



It can take UP TO 28 days with NO symptoms. Think about ALL OF the travel in December everywhere.
Yea let that sink in!!!!

Author — Beautiful Disaster


You know its serious when your Health Minister gets the virus too

Author — Kalo


Homeless man with sign : The end of the world is near

Me: The end of the world is HERE !!!!

Author — Clarisse Gomez


It’s a Pandemic! WHO is playing politics by not declaring it as such.

Author — Ardent Dfender


Why these news clips sound like the beginning of a Zombie apocalypse movie?

Author — Uday B


This is like all the zombie and sci fi films.

Author — ZENOIST2


How do they know the real numbers when they haven’t been testing people properly

Author — simon Says


Italy -> outbreak
South Korea -> outbreak
Japan -> outbreak
Singapore -> talks about China LOL

Author — pureholyz10


"World battles Corona virus", meanwhile in the UK, we have dozens of flights a day coming to, and from, China. After all, making money is much more important than protecting your population from a potentially deadly disease.

Author — Jigsaw John


“What’s broken can be mended, what’s hurt can be healed. No matter how dark it gets, the sun’s gonna rise again”

Author — Pls Help Me Hit 1k Subs Before 15th March.


Tokyo needs to cancel Olympics..that’s crazy

Author — Stephanie Washington


"they" have already been mentioning about when it gets to the poverty stricken areas of the World, it's gonna get awful... 2020 got off to a REALLY bad start!

Author — webzenboi


I'm a hermit. I never go out anyways. Seems my hiding and socially awkward character has done me some good :)

Author — checkthecomment section


I'm here in the North of England and I forgot this virus existed.

Author — Major Peg


**Coronavirus exist**
WHO: just wash your hands, everything is okay
Coronavirus: oh okay

Author — Anthony Charles


I'm sorry, did she just say, "global epidemic?" Why is everyone afraid to use the "p" word....we already know it is a pandemic. Say it with me - pandemic. Simple.

Author — Jeanette