Coronavirus: How will the developing world cope? - BBC News

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Hundreds of thousands of people already die every year from preventable diseases in the developing world, where resources are scarce.

But how will they cope with a health challenge on a truly global scale?

The BBC's Secunder Kermani and Anne Soy compare how prepared some countries in Asia and Africa are.

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Is it compulsory for BBC reporters to stand near sewerage area and show a negative picture about Pakistan, India and Africa for reporting ? 🤔

Author — anonymous anonymous


*India has 48000 ventilators*
*Thats 35 per million*

Author — Jirachi- Wish Maker


Yes delevoping countries have financial crisis but I always find it heard to understand the media when they try to show the poorest places. Eg this woman is showing probably the poorest place in Kenya ie Kibera, why dont you show places like muthaiga, westlands cos you want to show the world that you are poor or what?

For your information even those so called developed countries they have far bigger problems, eg homeless people in the streets. So please when you show Kibera also show us how those in Karen are coping with Coronavirus. Thank you much love

Author — meth 200


It's up to there government to sort it out . Not ours .we can't even help our own people

Author — Richard F


Yeah developing countries like the UK and US

Author — tellurium96


Answer: We will not cope! We are already struggling as it is and the British Acting PM has already said that the government has been too slow to deal with the Coronavirus.

Author — UndyingJack


Time for the rich country of africas government to start plowing money into their own people!!!

Author — Queen L


What the HELL BBC, why aren’t these reporters sending a message by wearing a face mask?

Author — angeli662


They will definitely do much better than britain

Author — prince madana


Look, it’s that simple wealth divide. When the wealthy in these countries like to keep all the money for themselves, you end up with more casualties. The wealthy would rather have another plane, as opposed to building a health clinic.

Author — Matt Pannell


The BBC Loves a good disaster. The breathless style of reporting, the dramatic pauses between words and the chance to show crying women, and if they're lucky, crying men. COVID 19 allows the BBC to excel at miserable Left-Wing doom-mongering. I truly hate being forced to pay for this rot.

Author — 3dokid


Who thought of their breathing whilst watching? ✋🏼

Author — 100K Sᴜʙꜱᴄʀɪʙᴇʀꜱ Wɪᴛʜᴏᴜᴛ Vɪᴅᴇᴏꜱ Cʜᴀʟʟᴀɴɢᴇ


Our leaders of countries are so corrupt, the well beings of who they represents are being ignored,
years of national budgets are spent on unnecessary items such as corporate welfare, unplanned developments, self indulgence and military spending.
When disasters hit, most nations don't really have the sufficient resource to cope with the onslaught and people are suffering even before disasters strike,
it is still pondering why these "national leaders" weren't being prosecuted as treason until today.

Author — Liason Lee


A year from now we'll look back at this in such disbelief. All four of us.

Author — Zaroff's Trophy Room


great apparently. if you look at maps it only effects western economies. That would seem odd for anyone that believed there was a virus.

Author — Max Lake


Kenya is Africa's largest economy? I thought it was Egypt or Nigeria

Author — Wah Tu Sy


People from developing countries are all heading to Europe as part of the EU's Kalergi plan.

Author — Albert Pike


Like they always have. With very little help from supposedly humanitarian, caring nations.

Author — Mick G.


So you’re going to keep up with this negative posting and calling it keeping people informed? It’s on the downhill slide common sense tells you the more concentrated population we have the more cases we will have duh

Author — marsha woods


This is just a beginning of the much bigger crisis.
Wait and experience the life in a few months time.

Author — Bingo Bingo