Jerome Corsi Says Roger Stone Sought to Cover Up Podesta Tweet

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Conservative activist Jerome Corsi, a witness in the Russia investigation, said he told a federal grand jury that he helped longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone write a “cover story” to explain a tweet that appeared to foreshadow WikiLeaks releases. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday reports.

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S Dr Corsi throwing Roger Stone under the bus?

A lot of negative conjecture coming from him

Author — Davidka1978Xoroshiy


Wikileaks had been promising negative information about Hillary for months. So somebody makes a good guess and it's a crime?

Author — Thomas Taylor


When you want to discredit someone you call him a conspiracy theorist.

Author — Patti Lowell


Hello, Humans. Sometimes in life, you want to make a sandwich, but maybe you want to eat something else.


Author — Tramaine Terrance


The corrupt FBI never thought Corsi would tell them to go pound sand

Author — Chee Chalker


Hey Wall St Journal: if he's a "Right Wing Conspiracy Theorist" then why are you believing what he's saying now? I don't know why Corsi is even giving these fake news gossip hacks the time of day - lying, slandering, libellous little slime bags.

Author — Yul Hubbart


Roger stone pretended to be connected to wikileaks in order to out psych the other side. I believe Randy Credico on this one, and highly doubt Corsi accessed much, if any, information from any connection to wikileaks. Cloak and daggers, with some smoke thrown in for added effect. Besides can't Muller see Corsi's texts, calls, and emails to determine if he contacted individuals such as Kim dotcom?

Author — Persephone White


Those two Jackasses need to shut up talking about eAch other and work together

Author — Brian Beddell


What I want to know is, how did Roger Decourcey become involved with the Trump organisation, and what part did Nookie Bear play in all this ? Was he the go-between ?

Author — dennis winters


I like Stone but
No comment and that should be his reply to

Author — Wandering Travels


And if corsi doesn't make up these lies Muller will try to lock him up for life for nothing

Author — shane kennedy


What was in those Podesta Emails...WHAT HAVE THEY BEEN UP TO???
Who was Seth Rich???
Why was all of our Uranium sold to the Russians???

Author — aristotlestudent


I love it! Now Corsi and Stone are calling each other liars. Can’t seem to get their stories straight. Off to prison.

Author — Stephen Heyer


Nothing says journalistic objectivity like the smear "right-wing conspiracy theorist."

Author — jkirk1626


You have no proof that Corsi lied none! Stop the hype we can see right threw it.

Author — Gary Higgins


Didn’t corsi say some crazy stuff about obama

Author — Michael Andreula


It's funny how the same people discredit every single person who's ever been on Infowars but now that one of them is claiming to have some dirt on Trump, they have open eyes and we should believe everything this person says. LOL how pathetic.

Author — Lucky S


I see another Supreme Court nomination coming very, very soon . Better step on the gas .Too funny this tough old sea dog is keeping them busy.😂

Author — Anthony Lemkendorf


This brought to you by the alt left lunatic lying fake news media! There I fixed it for you

Author — Greg Roberts


So confused any more. All shooting each other

Author — Trevor Cox