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Sharing my fave tips on how to save money so we can all cultivate financial freedom and abundance. Thanks Ebates for sponsoring this video!

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I'm so excited about this launch!!

Author — Lavendaire


1. use cash instead of your cards
2. write down all of your expenses
3. cancel unnecessary subscriptions
4. look up coupon codes
5. use ebates for cash back
6. build an emergency fund
7. schedule shopping
8. wait it out
9. only buy what you need and use
10. use the public library
11. plan meals around sales
12. buy used
13. diy whatever you can
14. learn to cut/do your own hair
15. swap/borrow from friends

Author — kota


One of the best ways to save money is to reduce how often someone eats out.



My mom works in a public library and I worked part time jobs there in the past... I have no clue how people even live without that. Libraries are amazing, they are fun, you save money and it's usually a really cool and inspiring place to be at and even work at. Go to libraries people! Just do it! :D

Author — Kata


U can save a lot by staying at home becos having a social life promotes spending too 😆
Btw I have been borrowing books from the library cos I enjoy reading and it does save me money. I used to buy books I like to feel I own them, but since there isn't any deadline I've been taking way too much of my sweet time to finish reading. Library is indeed a good place! 📚

Author — Kae Serinuma


Also, another tip: if you really don’t trust yourself to do your own hair, beauty schools offer the same services for a lot cheaper. Yes you’ll have to learn to trust but beauty schools have professionals who look at the students while they’re doing the work so you’re still in good hands !

Author — Jaz Covington


I feel to save money is to be mindful of what you are spending your money on.

Author — Cathy Lynn Pietranton


Have enough money to feel good about yourself. ✨✨✨1.) Make more money 2.) Save more money. Use cash (I've been doing this more and more often). Love number #1. Also like thinking of bills as invoices for blessings already received.

You are AWESOME and bring so much value through your videos!

Author — Wendi Blum Weiss


Thanks for the video! I'm just a teenager not even old enough to have a job so the only way for me is saving the money I get for birthday or as a pocket money. I haven't bought anything for 3 months now (except bubble gumes and ofc present for my sister, but I think that doesnt mind). I am trying to save some money to eventually be able to travel and go to some concerts and stuffs like that. I dont need any things, I just want to experience. I can't wait to get a summer job to finally start making a bit of money!❤️❤️❤️

Author — Lucka Kovářová


Such helpful tips!

Another tip for the public library is checking out an app called Libby. It links up to your library card and gives you access to an online ebook and audiobook collection in case you don't have time to physically go to the library!

Author — Crystal Padilla


As a college student this is very helpful and important ✨

Author — Emma D


i got a notification for this while online shopping, _sigh_ this is a sign. let's get this bread

Author — HANI


I don’t even own a credit card Because I feel like people don’t look at how much they actually spent. I’m all for cash in the wallet 😂❤️

Author — Derya Melody


What helps me save is not getting my hair and nails done much, and trying to eat out only once a week or every other week. And shop thrift stores.

Author — Katie Thomas


Buy a bike - a cheap one of course, that can save a lot of transport fees for a few years

Author — Ho Tim Li


i'm that talented girl who sews clothes for herself <3

Author — 夢理愛Nuria


Love your vids ! But couldn’t disagree more with doing your own hair ... I’ve had to correct many DIY hair jobs and charging girls over $500 - $700 in appointments to fix disasters !! I feel so bad but the product and hours going into it cost an arm and a leg for a correction !

For my clients I also hook them up with a toning shampoo between appointments and for vivids I give them the rest of their tube for color ...since they basically paid for it in their service .
I also prefer my girls to never do at home hair and when they can’t afford it I’ve let them pay me the week after when they get their check from work ! Though you may be capable of hair knowledge, some people’s minds and coordination don’t work like that and they end up spending more for a correction with irreversible hair damage :( don’t risk it !

Just find a stylist that’s willing to work with your budget !

I love you and I love your vids <3 !!

Author — Jordan Jordan


Gosh you just always post something exactly I needed at this time. You're amazing Ailen. A big sister I wish I had 💕

Author — Iza Hz


If you add the Overdrive or Libby app to your device, you can use your library card to checkout ebooks and audiobooks for free. This has saved me tons!

Author — Lilly B


Great video. I quit using Audible because I was able to get a lot of audio books using the Hoopla and Overdrive apps. All you need is your local library card to be able to access the books online.

Author — Jennifer Hawkins