US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal

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The US Navy has confirmed that certain UFO videos made public over the past several years do indeed show "unidentified aerial phenomena." #CNN #News

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now no one will ever know why this comment was popular

Author — memory man


I can’t believe people forgot about something this big.

Author — A Guy Who Makes Videos


They literally said it came out the water and we only discovered 5% of the ocean 😐that should be a clue

Author — Traevale King


Nothing wants to identify as its self anymore...

Author — meokbye


Aliens probably ride past earth and lock their doors.

Author — BarrySTFUSrsly


I always had a strange feeling about TicTac's

Author — NF15


Just came up with a question :
Does anyone believe that some ufo experiences could be manifestations of remote viewing?

Author — Steven Ryburn


The aliens would never accept to live on Earth when they face the taxes.

Author — triniti korneli


You only believe it when it comes out on “television”

Author — TripEL OG Darkness


Army: UFO’s aren’t real
Marine’s: UFO’s aren’t real
CIA: UFO’s aren’t real
Navy: 😂

Author — King of the Bruiser-weight


Funny how modern optics turn to crap when it’s time to photograph Bigfoot or a UFO.

Author — Vance Humphrey


Look up this pilot on the Joe Rogan podcast, he goes deeper into detail about what happened.

Author — Rey Martinez


That’s just me and the boys learning how to use the dam thing

Author — Joe Joe


I doubt a civilization or intelligence that advanced would fear human beings. I think it's our pride in thinking we are so smart that they would openly communicate with us. Perhaps our brains aren't advanced enought to grasp certain concepts.Would you look at ants and think about trying to communicate with them? Look at Human advancement in only 100 years....Think about a civilization thousands, or millions of years older. What would that even look like? If you look at AI and computing power now, I imagine all advanced biological life merges with machines. Your already seeing it now. Humans as a Caterpillar before AI and we emerge as something else entirely after AI (butterfly)

Author — egg shen86 Chris


“US Navy confirms UFO videos are real”

Number 1 on trending: Shia LeBouf eating chicken.

Author — Deni Pallas


Government: No it is not an Unidintified Flying Object!

It is an Unidintified Aerial Phenomena!

Author — Hansa Roos


Area 51:hehehe time to abduct hahaha

F/18:I’m about to end this mans career

Author — DNZ_Playz -Gaming


We rlly need better cameras and faster air flying thingies

Author — Victoria Tinubu


Do they pose a threat?

Only one thing's for certain.

We are all going to be killed.

Author — ShockingTube


Area 51 scared we find something so they start to leak, smart move

Author — 5 Minutes.