QUEEN: On The Road / News of The World (1977)

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VIDEO INFO: Rare footage back stage, on stage and on the road, some of which only emerged last year filmed by the BBC in 1977 during the early dates of the US leg of the 'News Of the World' album; rebroadcast last year to coincide with its 40th anniversary.

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john deacon is a gem and we do not deserve him

Author — Kelly Corless


John Deacon: "I don't think I could ever write a heavy song, ya know? It's not in me."

Proceeds to write Another One Bites The Dust.

Author — When The Music's Over


Keep watching this,
I fall into the illusion that Freddie Mercury is still alive.

Author — 恋虹


Please don’t hate on me but I think it’s Freddie’s cute little smile with his teeth that make me fall in love with him ❤️❤️

Author — ThatWeird GirlMya


I wonder what lucky person has those maracas that Freddie threw

Author — Makayla Jackson


*Freddie:* "I'm just the lead singer.."
*Brian:* "My guitar used to be a fireplace.."
*Roger:* "I'm the druummah.."
*John:* "I was born August 19th 1951.."

Author — Scarlett Amarillo Azul De La Rosa


They were all so soft spoken. I could listen to them just talking and hanging out for hours.

Author — Lea Lu


I love the fact that ALL four of them are practically just kids 😃😃😃

Author — John Loria


I just love hearing Freddie talk. Can’t get enough. He’s always with a bit of mischief, not too serious and always fun. Thanks you for sharing 😀

Author — Swirlwind Shirl


The Brits seemed to know how to do rock with class - Queen, David Bowie, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Sting, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, etc, etc.

Author — S P


Freddy Mercury was a very good looking man. I love those haunting they looked so sad sometimes. I am just glad that he had real friends like Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon and a loving family and Mary Austin who were there and still here to protect his legacy. I hope he is smiling down on them from heaven and finally happy...wherever he is. His music will live

Author — Elle Paxy


Freddie Mercury: *breaths*

Me and every other queen memer: write that down *WRITE THAT DOWN!*

You picture it in your head don’t you

Author — Meepitex


9:05 “I’ve lost my shoe!” and then Deacon calls him Cinderella! I’m so happy and sad with this upload.

Author — Camps Withafury


8:08 I love how John's response was just 'I can't sing'

Author — Seemly Seth


Love this video! John Deacon is not only adorable, but a great bassist and songwriter!

Author — Debbie Anderson


20:55 in 1976: Freddie says the show goes on

Prophetic isn't he?

Author — Carina Blue


Funny how you watch Freddie in his younger interviews and he was always messing with SOMETHING =)! Either tracing a pattern on a pillow with his finger, or petting a fake dog lol.

Author — Tiger Lily


So lucky to have seen Freddie and the guys in Australia in 1976...in a small 5000 seat hall, in their 'glam' stage and they were truly magic in a bottle. I was literally 30 feet from Freddie when he pranced and performed magic in his Harlequin outfit. I'll take that concert to my grave...so good...so honest...

Author — IAM GORT


Freddie had such a lovely speaking voice.❤️👑

Author — Patricia Bilinkas


I've lost my shoe!

Ah, Cinderella ..

Author — Scarlett Amarillo Azul De La Rosa