NDTV Expose: When Key Accused In Lynching Cases Admit To Their Crimes

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An NDTV investigation involving hidden cameras has revealed disturbing accounts of those accused of lynching in the name of the cow. An NDTV team, posing as a researchers doing field work on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and other Hindutva outfits, visited the accused in two lynching cases in two states.

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Dosto modi ke acche din aise hain aage aapko sochna hai

Author — Rajnikant Ajay


In a country where religion has become a tool for making people fool
Where loving is a crime and killing someone is pride
Where temples are rich and big and rivers are dirty and barely alive
Where leaders are heartless and public is brainless
Where news is a joke and clowns are heroes
Where art is nowhere and level of entertainment is down to hell
Where rape is part of daily news and item song is on the tongue of the youth
Where team India stands for only cricket team, forget hockey, football and everything
Where fools fight for their imaginary god but when it comes to do something big and different their feet stops
Where everyone is a thief and the one who's not is going to be
Where rich is dreaming and poor is bleeding
Where cops act like robbers and leaders act like kings
Where reservation is a decease that cut strong wings
And people who want it are selfish and greedy and people who give it are the same, believe me

In a country like this I am living not with proud but with a sad feeling

But I'm not gonna pray for this country, no! Not because nobody's listening but because I don't do things that make noise sense
I don't believe in imaginary things like men made god and dreams, I believe in reality that I can see

Author — Abhay Sharma


Dont make the repoters name and face public.we want more such exposé

Author — aditya w


Only goal of BJP/RSS is to:


Author — Johnson T


NDTV দারুণ কাজ করছে। মানবতার পক্ষে NDTV

Author — Motin Uddin


BJP/RSS = Gundaraj = Deshdrohi = Aatankwaadi
Bhagwa Terrorism

Author — Zakir Ahmed


Yeh say hots nahi balke modi karwata hai

Author — hansti Life


Dono religionome thode log aise hai jo pure samaj ko badman karte hai.

Author — Brijesh Patel


the most ashamed is behand the govt....♡♤now is clear who need to go Pakistan.

Author — zanul


Jang Ki Tayyari Krni Chahiye Ab Saare Hindustan Ko

Author — ZAK


Psychological pblm h isey bc ko ye janwar sale...

Author — Swarup Baakre


any ways I can communicate with the person who creates these thumbnails

Author — SabbyBG Your Indian Abroad


Bro feels so embracing and shame...with can not do any thing...Sorry 😭

Author — Indouri Zulfikar


The govt is promoting these types of incidents. The accused are being glorified by ministers

Author — Md Kalimullah


Why Muslim not raising voice for freedom in india?

Author — Ajax Khan


Woe..kanun haat me mat lo..bas koi gai kaat Raha ho to uski police complaint karo.

Author — be humaan


NowIndia is not a place for humans ...shame on bjp

Author — jewel stone


Ndtv chutiya news channels can never see when hindus get lynched by jihadis

Author — nikhil ghatekari


Indians chutiya hain. They don't even know biggest exporter of beef in the world is India.

Author — Achint Singh


I don't defend law breakers. People kill anyone is crime they should be punished by law. My contention is this channel is constantly barrage bias against majority finding all faults and defects in them with their cynical lopsided views.
First, we have to understand we find many people in town and villages who made loose-talks cannot be recorded as evidence against them they have to be proved with corroborative evidences. Anybody mentally sick lunatic and psychic person goes hyper on air and videos cannot be recorded as facts and truth.
There is other-side to truth, village politics and victimization social conflicts grapevine and gossips and loose-talks is common in villages. I have problem with this channel believes every villagers are Graduated from JNU and they are PHD Graduates like Kanhaiyya & Omar Faruq and they are wise enough to commit and admit crime on camera. Is it not laughable
This channel has tendency of blowing out of proportion issues of communal nature sighting Muslims and Minorities as Victim this is stereotype casting and propaganda to promote their wasted interest and political ideologies.

Author — Ibrahim