Narendra Modi in Aap Ki Adalat (Full Interview)

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Watch out BJP Prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi grilled by India TV's editor-in chief Rajat Sharma in Aap Ki Adalat. This is the biggest interview of Narendra Modi ever given. Modi speaks on his rallies, campaigns and Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.
Modi also speaks on India's internal security, India's neighbours like Pakistan, China and foreign policies. Former Gujarat Chief Minister Modi is popular for his development and speeches among youths of India.

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Kon kon quarantine mei ise dekh raha h like karein🇮🇳😎🙏

Author — Pankaj Singh


Modi ji apne jo indian army ke liye kiya he uske liye head's up to you.

Author — Balbir Singh Parihar


Kon kon lockdown me ye dekh raha hai ek like modi ji ke liye!

Author — Babbar Sourav


Bhai kuch b bolo jwab Dena to koi Modi se sikhe

Author — cherry parmar


Rahul gandhi ne khaya chocolate bar... aap ki bar modi sarkar😂

Author — Plabani Paul


पाकिस्तान को मुंहतोड़ जवाब देते हैं श्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी जी लेकिन जब कांग्रेस की सरकार थी तो बड़े-बड़े बम विस्फोट हुए फौजियों की गले तक काटे गए आज तक पलट कर जवाब नहीं दिया राहुल गांधी ने हमें ऐसी सरकार नहीं चाहिए हमें सिर्फ नरेंद्र मोदी ही चाहिए

Author — मनीष मनीष


I respect him 💯 soo much nd i don't care for the bad comment by selfish parties he is 💯 the best

Author — Being Motivated


Mai ne
Bhagath sing ko
Chandraboss ko
Shivaji ko
Aise kai sare Hindusthanke real hero Hai
Usme modi naam bhi hona
Cha hi he A meri dilki bath hai

Author — Venkatesh Sony


No one literally no one can match the stardome of NARENDRA MODI😍😍🧡

Author — Samyak Jain


Kya izzat Rahul Gandhi ki?zaleel hone ke liye politics join kiya Rahul ne!!!

Author — abhishek saha


hme ek strong PM (Modi) ki zarurat h jo pakistan, china jaisi countries ko jawab de ske..
ye kejriwal kya border par dharna dega ??....

Author — Guri Dullat


Such a intelligent person
his ideas and why of thinking is fabulous. Lots of respect for Afghanistan ❤️🇦🇫 🇮🇳

Author — M Azizi


Rajat sir, please invite Modi sir once again we love to see him again in app ke adalat.

Author — santu kumar


6:11 5 years later, Modi rocked, Pappu shocked.

Author — Sam


Who is here after watching new episode..ab itihaas banega?

Author — Aditya Gaur


Silver jubilee celebration will take place of this interview in 2039.

Author — Arati Halder


1947-2014 old INDIA.
The entire country's citizens had lost interest about the country. In b/w INDIA became first country internationally that had a ROBOT appointed as PM to run the country. SCAMS, Money Laundering and Corruption was everywhere. No Political accountability. Everything was done only for monetary profit. Even religion was being forgotten. moreover when there were catastrophic problems including natural disaster, the common man never got complete political sympathy. Money was looted on various schemes and scams. the INDIAN inside every citizen was almost dead. Even Pakistan frequently attacked and we never retaliated with strength. The international support was only from Russia because the Robots that used to run the country were simply not programmed to speak and they were run by people of ITALIAN origin. The country and its people were forced to accept that, life is like that and there no scope for change.

2014-2019 : After an Able administrator started running the country.
Many Indians started believing there is still some scope left in INDIA, since they could see a tremendous change. Many places became corruption free. Politics started taking accountability and visited their voters. Slowly serious issues got resolved, that we thought will never get resolved. Corruption, Scams, cheating was almost completely stalled. The administration started chasing Big Shots along with the fraudulent people to recover the cheated money. IT Raids are done frequently. Innovative Schemes are done for common man. NRI's, started coming back to INDIA. MAKE IN INDIA developed lot of industrial scope in INDIA. Pakistan was taught a lesson and at INTERNATIONAL level were isolated and their terror funding people, boycotted and declared criminals.

Today INDIAN has started gaining the same CONFIDENCE what he felt during the years 1942-1947, just before INDEPENDENCE. Then we threw away the outsiders, today we are in b/w throwing our own Bad citizens to create a New INDIA. Today common man in INDIA is more Hopeful, more Confident and has more love for his NATION. Every INDIAN today is proud and mwhen he goes to outside world, people in different countries actually speak about our PM with lots of interest. We are confident we will be Global leader if our PM continues for next TEN years.
Long live my country: HINDUSTANI MAATA Sadaa SUHAGAN rahe. Hum saare bacche iske goad mein sadaa khelen aur apni MAA ka pyaar paayen. JAI HIND.

Author — The Rebel


I voted for Modi.
And im proud of it doesnt matter what will the result.. he is the only leader who actually cares about hindus.
I pity those politicians they got nothing excpet blaming him for riots.
I bet hindu and muslim people live more nicely in gujrat than anyother state of india.
People are happy what else u want?

Author — Ishu Bengra


Ab ki Baar hi Nahi
Har Baar Modi sarkaar

Author — Rocky Balboa


Is interview k baad aane wale 15 saal modi rhenge primeminister
My predictions

Author — ufc consultant