Who is India's leader Narendra Modi? BBC News

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But who is the man who looks set to lead India? India's governing Congress party has admitted defeat as early election results give a strong lead to the main opposition BJP. There were already scenes of joy ahead of the announcement at the offices of the BJP, which is led by Narendra Modi.

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BBC you tried enough but failed. He became PM now ...but appreciate your deliberate consistent efforts to give negative image to our PM

Author — dr sanga


BBC  doesn't care for India . So mind your own business. Enough of Neocolonialism and loot. 

Author — MegaContented


the man who fought on devlopment issues, who beleives in dosent beleive in minority appeasement....who fears nobody...weather pakistaanor chinaor has no personal self motive...who has done before in gujrat...who promises to deliver....who has defied caste barrier...who hacarries billions of hopes on his soldier....we salute to this man....who has beleived in livin 4 the

Author — aao kabhi haveli pai....


why he is not helping his family is because helping family creates a bad image in the eyes of the citizens. example: robert vadra.and sonia gandhi

Author — J M


The joke in this is that BBC is showing a democratic leader who is separating himself from family ties to devote himself to proper service to his country yet they scorn him for it by showing this? With the present nepotism that exists in all democracies in north america to south america to the Caribbean to the rest of the world. Was this video really needed or was this a way of shining more negativity on a nation starving for a truly strong leader to bear the strain of bringing it from the ashes left by Gandhi?

Author — Raj Seenath


Wow..! What a report on Modi? No wonder why your channel is not believed by many!

Author — Spoorthy A


shame to youu BBC. instead of telling the personality of narendramody, you are trying describe india as a third world poor country, with the visual media. same media politics. try to respect an incoming nation

Author — Mindipokaruthu Mundenda


I am shocked at the EXTREMELY poor reporting! No proper motive of the coverage, and a primitive attempt at clipping interviews. I am ashamed to be following BBC till now. 

Author — Dhananjay Sahay


and this is why ladies and gentlemen democracy works. His only promises are development, strong leadership and women security something which India needs desperately.

Author — Calvin


And Im still liking all the pro Modi comments in2017!

Author — The Young Wolf


Modi is blessed one for the future India

Author — philip bannet


Western countries don't want to see Modi as PM, that is why they report false media propaganda. USA wants to see Sonia because she will let the foreign companies loot India, Modi won't. Modi Respects all religions equally.

Author — Kaptaan Pakistan


Now 95% India's population covered under access of toilets whereas till 2013 it was 39% only .
This is action not boosting .

Author — naptune cristal


Bbc had translated wrongly .
His big brother said that it was the love between us that he asked for kites. Common BBc you tried to belittle Narendra Modi

Author — Vividh Dalal


I came here now(2019) after elections, and i can see a pure transition of modi followers to modi haters😂😂

Author — Anishesh Das


I want Modiji should come back as PM of India on 2019 for next 5 years.

Author — Monalisa Dasgupta


There is a segregation policy and superiority complex with this media.

Author — keshava Bhat


funny how his time in gujarat isnt mentioned.. you should remind the world about what happened in 2002

Author — A.S. Tarapuri


Lol. Trying to draw parallels with Modi and Hitler. Never change BBC. :)

Author — Manjunath J


What a train wreck waiting to happen....

Author — oracleofottawa