Brooke Houts hitting her dog full video

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She literally looks at that dog with pure hate in her eyes what is wrong with her.

Author — Evil Weevil


He just wanted to play... she’s a horrible person.

Author — Charlotte Bernhardt


She’s a full on sociopath. That poor dog is an accessory.

Author — Yael Moskowitz


She like has a completely fake personality and you can tell!

Author — You Offended?


Honestly... she’s gonna be sorry when the Doberman is full grown

Author — Umm Hi


Instead of raiding area 51 let's raid this bitche's house and save that doggo

Author — Ella Wright


The fact that this dog, a DOBERMAN, doesn't even turn against her, like in a form of biting etc, explains exactly how much this poor excuse of a woman has abused this dog. And what she even spit at him after she pulled his neck?! I feel so bad right now I don't even know what to do. This is the worst video I've seen in a looong long time! FFS

Author — Arian Augustin


SHE FREAKING SPIT ON HIM WTH. What is wrong with her I’m just disgusted

Author — Sereniti Simon


She's like an aggressive one year old child that never grew up.

Author — Potato Girl


“We are really close we are besties”

then why are you hitting THE POOR DOG?!

Author — Maria Alejandra Morales


its under police investigation!! ONE LIKE ONE YEAR JAIL

Author — Ocean


I'm sooo glad she exposed herself. Like so glad.

Author — Tricia Fradrick


She pushed him when he was trying to give her kisses!

Author — Stupid Gumby


How many people wanna Push her aggressively and punch her


Author — Nauseous Vibes


How i cope with this sadness⬇️

Dislike all her videos

Author — Aiden Lewis


Who else went to hug their dogs literally forever

Author — Lily’s vlog channel


dogs who literally get beat up every single day: **sad dog noises**

cats who get an accidental and slight pinch on the ear: *you dare question my authority?*

Author — vaegtabols


the dog is suffering. SOMEONE GET HIM OUT OF THERE!! she’s a danger to animals

Author — Aairah Rizvi


Bruh if I accidentally step on my cats foot very lightly I will drop everything and get down say sorry, Ike 5 times and pet him for a while

Author — Just a anime boi


"Me and my dog are really close"

Proceeds to abuse her dog.

It is very ridiculous that her channel is still alive. Hope Youtube removes her channel.

Author — Jacob Espiritu