Will stores be the same after COVID-19? | Power & Politics

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Retail stores are beginning to reopen in some provinces after being shut down due to COVID-19, but with new health measures in place businesses could operate very differently when they start welcoming customers again.

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Stores will never be the same some of them are going to go out of business

Author — lego Ninjago ultra violet


Nothing will ever be the same after this. Ever!

Author — Charlene Boucher


My main question is why in the world is so much focus put on if you have a fever. Like has no one been listening. It can be passed along BEFORE the person gets a fever 🤒. So why oh why would it be helpful.

I am pretty sure people are smart enough to take their own temperatures as well. I am pretty sure that it wont be useful anyways though because as I said, it is contagious before any signs of sickness.

So please, why?

Author — Nehll Kaizen


Are the Quebec borders open on the 29th or not? Just wanna know.

Author — maryjasmine Desnoyers


American Airlines is parking their planes in Roswell New Mexico . Yeah shits not going to be the same .

Author — Reesah


alright small business owners, do you think you will still be around in 2021?

Author — deltaecho1


Folks will return if they feel loyalty to the owners. If we can get a better deal on line like books that is a different story.

Author — Sandra Digras


More MOCKERY & much more SLAVERY to Join in on the 311 Event. Getting ready for 2030 Agenda 2 into 1 - including The SEXES male/female

Author — chick EASTWATER


Our Landlord tried to Raise our rent..

Author — Khadijah


SCAMDEMIC! Quarantine the healthy = Tyranny!

Author — Jeff Censored!


Forcing 5g network to handle the over load of online shopping China rules the world brought everybody to there knees. Time for the dinosaurs to come back and and straightened things out.

Author — Gee IDK


No it won't be the same. There'll be more toilet papers in stock.

Author — Pat Alberta


We should just turn the federal treasury over to businesses, that way everyone wins, the businesses win and the landlords win, everyone.

Author — A CB


I believe this will be temporary until Covid is out for good. I believe in the future people will go back to a mall and whoever wants to continue online shopping will do so.

Author — Ashley Pottinger


Your headline should be about the undemocratic gun

Oh wait...this is cbc a propaganda network

Author — Kaeble


Bing Liu will announce how to make it corona virus in Wuhan institute of Virology
But he is assassinated in USA
If you are scientists will be know
Splicing HIV SNP AML 983
This is Corona virus
USA: money and biological weapons sent to Wuhan institute of Virology
Organ sales China: like money
That’s why corona is dangerous

Corona will comeback again
Wear mask !!!!
We need to protect child

USA: Obama computer:
All American scientists already knew corona is biological

Author — rapa Go


So, CBC allows comments on 'will stores be the same', but not on any significant political issues that involve questioning Trudeau or the liberal party.
...They sure are pushing an agenda re; accepting change to social norms and control of free movement
Again, typical.

Author — Nicole Nicole


Not if the CBC has anything to say about it they won’t.

Author — Melissa Porter