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Ideologies of political parties in the United States. General views of liberals (generally associated with the Democratic Party) and conservatives (generally associated with the Republican Party).

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First time I’ve ever clicked on a Kahn video without it being school related

Author — Christopher Reyes


Holy moly you managed to show both sides without straw manning the hell out of each other, good job.

Author — Stannis the mannis


An unbiased, straight-forward and simplified layout of basic liberal and conservative beliefs, that allows people to make the choice for themselves. Excellent video.

Author — Aqua Jr.


Some people need to hear this: not every democrat is a stereotypical liberal, and not every republican is a stereotypical conservative.

Author — MrChristian04


Both actually make sense. People just need to learn to discuss each issue peacefully and fairly. Most issues should be judged case by case because there are many specific factors for each

Author — Devvv


Your floating yellow ball is everything

Author — froladee


I'm 98% Liberal/Democrat.
But I'm FULLY against Affirmative Action and I'm Pro Life (With Caveats). I also support Israel (Note: I also support the Palestinians). But besides this, I tend to have very Progressive views on every other issue. But just for these three things, I'm not able to represent Democrats in any debate.

So honestly, I'm just Independent. Why can't we all just be Individuals?

Author — SchnitzelBerry 13


The comment section is surprisingly tame.

Author — Ninters


i would absolutely love you to go into more detail on all these issues with relevant statistics showing both points of view

Author — Earthbjorn Nahkaimurrao


You sir are best teacher I've ever hard. Thank you.

Author — Narff02


I'm a Democrat with some liberal and conservative I still stand behind my party. With that said, I can say it is obvious that almost no individual will have 100% conservative/liberal views. In a way, it seems as if the U.S. is at least 25% independent, yet when a candidate brings up a controversial topic we either stand behind him/her, or don't like him/her.

Author — Alex McGraw


This was a good simplified representation.

Author — সুদেষ্ণা C


On the economic scale I lean more conservative

Author — Caleb Smith


Im a Liberal with mostly Liberal views, but with 2 Conservative views.

Author — MTK Knight


Thanks for being unbiased man! So rare to see on media.

What about border control? The main stream media pushes an agenda that you're either for immigrants or a xenophobe. But, conservatives generally are happy with legal immigration, and want to enforce the laws on illegal immigration.

Author — Jesse James


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE POLITICAL VIDEOS and how non-biased they truly are! <3

Author — Maximiliano Zuñixtli


Since moving from the UK to the USA I have been very confused about the American (especially the conservative) view on free healthcare. Many people live their lives steeped in medical debt in America. American citizens pay MORE than citizens in countries like Canada and England with national healthcare, in taxes for free health but only for the very poor. THEN they have to turn around and pay their own private medical insurance premiums, co-pays and prescription why? What I hear most is "I don't want to pay for lazy people". But they are already parting with money for Medicaid which they cannot use, to cover extravagant private medical costs.for the poor.
National healthcare would mean that tax payers would ALSO be covered by the taxes they pay, pay less for it, not have to pay for insurance premiums, companies would save money and not have to limit full-time employees, there would be no medical debt, no worrying about what your insurance will cover, no more medical billing issues and no co-pays.

I have worked and lived within both systems and the nonsense about the Private American system is 100% a myth. Americans have said to me, "but don't you guys have waiting lists to see a doctor"? For specialists, yes. But when an American needs to see a specialist, they may need to wait a week or a month to see them....same thing. That's a waiting list.

So, it would appear that Americans are choosing to pay more in order to insure that they are helping as few people as possible? than pay less and help everyone?
Why do so many American minds want self sabotage?

Author — Saffron Sugar


Awesome video! I think a majority of people don’t really understand the differences between the democratic/liberal party and the republican/Conservative party. You explained this very well in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

Don’t go to conservative, YouTube might demonetize you. Poor Steven Crowder :(

Author — Bamb00z1e


Love this video. Great explanation of every topic.

Author — Fabien Charles


that example of a mixed democrat at 7:05 is exactly me

Author — Cygod