5 Futuristic Technologies THAT WILL EXIST BY 2030

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5 Insane Futuristic Inventions You NEED To See

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1990s: flying cars
2020: people dancing on tiktok

Author — Mennat Quazi


Sooo Minecraft will be still alive in 2030

Author — Pacoz


I can't believe I'll probably live to see all of this and more. I'll be 90 thinking about the good ole' days leaving comments on youtube. If some strange new tech exists where I can find this comment when I'm 90...Hello my future self-you make bomb smoothies.

Author — Jessica Kratzert


Now that we have the technology, we must answer that one question that comes with every invention ever made.

"How can we use this for Porn?"

Author — vincentx915


So there's a bus that says it's the future of buses, it's self-driving, it has everything futuristic on it, but it's still a diesel? wtf

Author — limited


What was the second one? And that's a nice bus that looks to seat around 6 people.

Author — Opt-o-Ops


5:52 talk about over stimulation. No wonder there has been a rise in anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation etc.

Author — Charzan Boo


So essentially the future is lame. Bright screens and more screens. Who cares. I would be more interested in spinal repair, ibm Watson being fully functional and reducing doctor error which kills 440 thousand a year in the US. Crispr and RNAi being put into use safely where we can cure genetic based diseases. Stem cell tech to take off where we can regenerate organs, 90 percent of people needing an organ need a kidney.

Author — charles kidney


I think augmented reality will soon hit the shores and mobile phones and tv will be a thing of the past

Author — Jesse Tep


3:42 in the future since I'm 15 now, when I'm 80 years old I'm gonna be insanely shocked in this advancement in techonology

Author — Abroadbow79


12:47 advertisement in each window, you won't like windows any more

Author — mil klop


Well I guess by 2040 or so, technology then will make money for you. All you have to do is sit your asscrack down

Author — Marjorie Elaine Bautista


Hololense is a must! We need to boom in this field! So much potential and might be the most perfect/timeless invention if mastered. Depth perception degradation is my only concern. VR will ruin your vision.

Author — Nigel Onetasty



You can tell that bus driver is tensed up so badly and thinking: “Don’t crash don’t crash don’t crash don’t crash...” 😆

Author — W0LF B3AT5


Weird how its 2020 and i dont see any of this happening

Author — GS MS


Seriously, no one noticed that the last soundtrack was bugged with someones cough? Some cool and possible ideas here though

Author — Chris Enitan


arent holograms already augmented reality

Author — Fire Flood


1:22 look at these formations let's take a closer look *accidentally bumps to the wall*

Author — Arkilife


I have doubts, they will have bus driver

Author — Arnar Loftsson


This video was made in 2017. Its 2019 and we now have hololens like in the beginning.

Author — Mango Kazura