Starbucks' Howard Schultz says 'perhaps' he'll run for public office

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Starbucks will open its first location in Italy Friday. Former CEO Howard Schultz made headlines this summer when he announced he's stepping down as chairman after 36 years with the company. Schultz joins "CBS This Morning" from the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan for his final interview representing Starbucks. Asked about whether he'll run for office, Schultz said the world is "hungry for the idealism of America."

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The Anchor literally said eXpresso LOL. Why do so many people pronounce it wrong

Author — Austin B


If no Italians walk in, that store will survive solely on tourists...That store is amazing

Author — Maro Vok


Man I really would love to have a cup of coffee with Howard Schultz. The man has a morning vibe all over him, and that comfortable smile of his is just amazing.

Author — Samwalton85


Came here to see a video about Starbucks and left with having seen another piece of leftist propoganda. Unbelievable

Author — Ashton Christopher


Starbucks is pointing to the younger generation to change how we italian drink coffee. BUT I hope that this will never happens. So Forza raggazzi tutti al bar per un caffe doc italiano!!!🇮🇹

Author — Fred is aus the venision


It‘s pretty simple: italian pricing for caffè is very cheap (as the video itself says); this is because there was a law to keep price of primary goods fixed at a minimum price (and coffee was among these primary goods). If you come to Italy it's very rare to pay more than a 1€ for an espresso.
Of course, Starbucks‘ coffees are very big and mostly composed of, well, other than coffee...it is normal then to expect high prices...especially in Milano which is one of the most expensive cities in Europe.
Having said this...I think this is just part of the process of globalization which, like it or not, will affect all of the world.
No one is forced to go to Starbucks.

Author — Der Suchende


Crying tears as oppose to ..what glass

Author — Nerds united brian frumps


This guys got a Paul Newman Daytona. Boss.

Author — Christopher Chiou


Apparently he pooped he pants too as well

Author — So Cal How?


If Shultz runs as an independent he has my vote, and it'll be the first time I've voted since I voted for Ronald Reagan. It's about time someone with good character stepped up and ran unassociated with the two corrupted political gangs. These two gangs who call themselves democrats and republicans are really just one gang that does nothing but exploit American citizens and as much of they world as they can get their filthy hands on. Shultz in 2020!

Author — Depcom


I start to understand why people voted for trump. Take a look at this documentary. According to this, this guy is the CEO of a company that dodged MILLIONS on taxes in Europe, that exploits its employees, that created their own fair trade brand to impose what they consider to be fair when it clearly isn't, that does not give a damn about the environment since they did not hold their promises to make the cups recyclable... I truly think that business people with those ethics like Trump or Schultz should not be in charge of any country.

Author — tchristin


A wealthy white man for president? What a novel idea!

Author — uknow who


Nothing says "I care about the people", broadcasting from Milan, Italy, the fashion capital of Italy... What a joke...

Author — Edward Kim