Why Coronavirus Estimates Are Higher Than China's Official Tally | WSJ

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As the number of coronavirus cases rises, epidemiologists around the world look at maps, flight bookings and population data to estimate the size of the outbreak—and explain why their results are higher than China’s official tally. Photo: Getty Images

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The media is always a month behind what the people already know.

Author — Hans


Funny how other people have been saying this for weeks and getting demoted on YT and Reddit. Yet, now WSJ says it and it's okay. -.-

Author — Cadowyn


Anyone with half a brain cell knew this already, but we were constantly smeared by the Fake News Media as crazy conspiracy theorists.

Author — Timothy Swag


I figured something was wrong after an entire city was quarantined. And I have the IQ of a warm towel.

Author — Andre


“Epidemiologists say they are still learning about the new virus...”
*zooms into person searching ‘virus’ on Google images*

Author — ontweh


Ppl would rather save face than lives.

Author — Sam Johnson


Hypocrites - they knew this all the time but Google and YT tried to block this information earlier preventing forewarning - WHY???

Author — Mr2TIMOTHY4V2


Wow! This is some brave, hard-hitting, against-the-grain reporting!

Unfortunately, it's three weeks too late.

Author — Clandestine Merkaba


Why the estimates are higher:

Because China is the one releasing the numbers.

Author — Penis


If the CCP says the sky is blue, go outside yourself and confirm it.

Author — Bakgethi Remote


Why does everyone insist on bending backwards to make sure China isn't criticized?

Author — ATXAdventure


China has never been transparent. Are you kidding me?

Author — jordanvictoria75


I mean...yeah. We all knew the numbers were incorrect. Same deal as with the Chernobyl breakdown - nothing to see here...until it's too late.

Author — Nette


Love how people are finally realizing all these numbers are fake and there exposing them over social media

Author — avery fountain


Boom: WSJ is banned in China
WSJ Next Video: *Why China banned us for a YT video and deep analysis by London Professor*

Author — I am Human


It don’t take a scientist to “factor in new data” and put 2 and 2 together. Everything said in the video was obvious

Author — ßtaredirect


Communist lie about official numbers o no that never happens

Author — Ragnar Walsung


When apple and Starbucks internal security got wind of this and did their own investigations, the day they finished and made recommendations, was the day apple and Starbucks closed up shop and high tailed it out.

Someone should look into what the those two companies were advised by their in-house security.

Author — George George


Oh thank you WSJ for talking about this *4 months after it happened*

Author — zacho cracy


Same people who:
Told us the stock market was rock solid in 2008,
told us Jeffrey Epstein killed himself,
told us Hillary Clinton would be the president.

Author — Jack