Abdilda Shamenov on Technology Commercialization in Kazakhstan

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Innovation is a key component to any modern economy. In 2015, CRDF Global concluded a joint project with World Bank to boost innovation in Kazakhstan through technology commercialization.

Since 2013, CRDF Global has worked closely with the World Bank, IC² Institute at the University of Texas, and Exoventure Associates, LLC to create a new technology commercialization center (TCC) in Kazakhstan and to ensure the center’s sustainability by building the capacity of its staff. Since the establishment of the TCC, the project has been able to support 33 grant-based projects in a diverse array of industries, including pharmacogenomics, robotics, oil and gas, and IT. According to center's Deputy General Directo, Abdilda Shamenov, six of the projects have completed test sales and are beginning to look for investors and attract additional investment to support their growth to full scale production.

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