The Dancing Plague • Puppet History

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Finally, the true story of those people in France who danced until they died.
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Created by Shane Madej
Editor: Anthony Frederick
Writer: Shane Madej
Graphics: Shane Madej
Creative Director of Post Production: Anthony Frederick
Head of Development: Katie Leblanc
Executive Producer: Steven Lim, Shane Madej, Ryan Bergara
Featuring: Ryan Bergara, Jermaine Fowler
Backing Vocals: Patrick Volker
Camera Operator: Mark Celestino
Sound Mixer: TJ Marchbank
Special Thanks: Matt Real

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💬 Comments on the video

'kinda similar to the people who danced till they died'

Shane: 'yeah I've heard of them'

Author — devika mulye


I like how Ryan’s go-to dance move is angrily churning butter

Author — Katerina Debruyn


the amount of effort Shane puts into this is really impressive? The lil jellybeans in the bag, the purple light cue, the research he put into dirt-eating death method, the entire character he made for the sponsored bits, the whole song??? he’s got a real talent for this stuff

Author — Virgil Rose


Shane should do Lincoln's Assassination next because that shit was CRAZY. It was planned like way back when Lincoln was courting his wife and this guy had a whole plan with like 10 people involved but it didn't work. Also this dude legit JUMPED down the boucany onto the stage then yelled in Latin. Lmao wHAT

Author — Morgan Destroyer of Worlds


"the bubonic plague staged a reunion tour" is quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever heard

Author — roouit patan


Ryan: that’s like the people that danced until they died in France
Prof: :O
Ryan: :O

Prof: Oh yeah, I heard of them

Author — Mason Heitner


“hail the size of apples pummeled the town”
Ryan: how big?

“it was the size of aPPLES!!!” *angry mcnasty screamings*

Author — Ahda Arifa Ismail


People who haven't watched Buzzfeed Unsolved but like Puppet History: Why's this the season finale?
Buzzfeed Unsolved fans: *You wouldn't get it*

Author — gruby


Can we all agree that 2020 should also be called “The Bad Year”???

Author — 2kn111


Shane: "It's easy to imagine that the sheer trauma of experiencing a borderline biblical event could imbue a few generations with an all-enveloping sense of existential dread."
Who want's to dance with me?

Author — CC


I laughed so hard when Ryan accidentally correctly guessed the topic of the episode. But nothing will be better than the moment he realized it.

Author — India Toth


Jermaine when he loses: I'm a good sport

Jermain when he wins: YEASSSS! THAT'S RIGHT

Author — Honour's Place


I hate how much I love Shane’s songs. I don’t want a song about the dancing plague told through the eyes of god in my head all day.

Author — Katie C


everybody's gangsta until the professor made them look into his pouch.

Author — Jonathan Côté


So you're telling me God is the one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater?

Author — Synthia Synsation


Jermaine’s hysterical joy when he found the professor’s jellybeans was fantastic

Author — Jenna Wright


The funniest thing about this show is Shane’s inability to actually work the curtains and puppets, every episode something comes crashing down at least once.

Author — Riot Grrrl


"and this time with gusto"
"all THE crops DIED?"
"....I guess thats gusto"

Author — Lindsay Duet


I love watching this because you can clearly see how used to shane's shit ryan is & then there's the special guest who is just vibing like what's going on? what's he gonna do?

Author — sydney merryman


The greatest thing about this show isn’t that you’re watching a puppet show it’s that you’re watching people watch a puppet show.

Author — lennongrad13