COVID-19: Canadians stranded abroad want help getting home | Power & Politics

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Canadians travelling abroad have been told to come home during the COVID-19 crisis. Many have struggled to make it back due to cancelled flights and new border restrictions around the world. For those looking to come back to Canada, one airline is offering vacant seats on its repatriation flights free of charge.

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Leave them there. They had lots of warnings not to go.

Author — D Ch


I can't help but think Canadians home in Canada are over fed up with people who continue to travel during a pandemic because they don't believe it will affect them then demanding to be rescued and crying foul when no one is interested in their problem.



You accept certain risks when traveling abroad.

Author — Praveen Goel


Those who are in a country with family can stay with them, no need to bring any more cases into Canada

Author — Eric G


Yea I sure hope that all those “stranded Canadians” in Florida on spring break get special would China do in this case I wonder?

Author — Rama Lama


Nope lock those mf out don’t let them back.

Author — It's a Bunnay


This is where the corporate sector can show its commitment to being part of the solution.

Author — Eva Murray


I am one who strongly disagrees with Trudeau and his nonsense but to these Canadians who are stranded. You were warned for the past week or two to come home!. So come home or stay put...It's pretty simple.

Author — Yuki Pyro


WORLDWIDE DISEASE OUTBREAK Means Stay At Home.Ignorant people never learn

Author — Freddie Stranger


I understand some people made travel arrangements before the new year but it is not like they travelled 1-2 months ago... I'm baffled by the lack of foresight and outright stupidity of some people, reminds of the Canadians who jumped on a cruise ship right after the Diamond Princess cruise outbreak SMH

Author — Felipe Torres


I am having a hard time figuring out why my tax dollars should go to helping "billionaire's", when I may lose my house.

Author — Glen Tuchscherer


How about wealthy Canadians use their private jets to help fellow Canadians out.

Author — Duane Buhler


Been about 3 months now we all know about the coronavirus and been about 1 month it got worst why did they even travel knowing the situation around the world

Author — Maxime Roussel


All these people who are still abroad should be brought home immediately BUT should be publicly ashamed and asked wtf were they thinking!

Author — Kaloyan Bankov



Author — henryk peterschein


I don't feel sorry for any of them. They have plenty of time and warning to come home. They choose to travel instead of staying home. They know what going on around the world and in there own country. So whose fault it is. They are not not little kids anymore. Take responsible for your own foolishness. They should think before travelling.

Author — sweetfriend23


It's tardy, now being Sunday, March 22nd, roughly 21h00, so March 23rd is TOMORROW, just hours away. Sunwing hopefully was able to repatriate a good number of the stranded Cdns abroad ; Sunline AND any other airlines providing this gracious service.

Author — mikecorbeil


The virus has been around for almost 4 months now and most have had warning from the Canadian government for over 2 weeks. You get "stranded", that's your own problem.

Author — Bri


So let me get this straight, they want to return and bring their diseases back here to put more strain on our already overburdened health systems across the country? The sad part is, many won't observe the mandatory quarantine period... because they had gone on vacation when it was already a WHO international event

Author — PeenutButterJelly


They had PLENTY of time to get home. This virus is nothing new and they should have cancelled their trip. Don’t feel bad for any of them. Ignorance at its best.

Author — lemon lemon