Kazakh sport not for the faint-hearted using decapitated goat

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It won't be an Olympic event, but the sport of Kokpar, which involves two teams and a dead goat, is compulsive viewing.

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It originated centuries or more likely 2-3 thousand years ago as a form of military training disguised as a game. Clearly the conditions of the game are close to horse-mounted combat. Barbaric some say, but it certainly saved lives of warriors. And, after all, not too many sheep or goat die of age, almost none of them.

Author — Aktan Akhmetov


"I'm Double Diamond Platinum Rank in League of Legends. You?" "I go to war on horseback with a decapitated goat."

Author — Ioannis Polemarkhos


They probably didn't have shit to play with, so they decided to use a dead goat and toss it into a basket. Seems legit to me.

Author — JayMann620


Lmao! I thought this was another Borat skit at first! This is for real?!

Author — TheParentBazaar


Waiting for PETA to find this sport now...

Author — ihaveaboot


And these people yes these...people... are right and the rest are wrong. I’d like to carry one of their dead carcasses around on a four wheeler.

Author — Buttered Toast