Ongoing violence as protests continue in Kashmir

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Indian opposition leaders have been prevented from entering the disputed Kashmir region.
President of the Indian National Congress party, Rahul Gandhi, led a group from several political parties but was turned back on arrival at Srinagar airport.
There were protests in the city on Friday afternoon.
Al Jazeera’s Faiz Jamil reports from the capital of Indian-administered Kashmir.

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India media never showed this kind of news about kashmir

Author — Mohammed Imran


Knowing that all news has it's own agenda. It's hard to believe any news program out there. But I do see that these people are stressed and scared and fearful. I pray for their safety, and pray for their well-being. I pray that these restrictions are lifted. I pray that their children and families are all secure and healthy. I pray that there is a a resolution to this problem that doesn't involve any one's demise. I pray for you all. I love you all. God bless you. Swan from Kingsland Texas.

Author — dawn marie keller 8-1-1967 swan kingsland tx


Reality is REALITY, Truth is TRUTH, and then there is HUMANITY.... dont spread hatred... just give peace a chance... LONG LIVE common sense

Author — Gonpo Yama


Al Jazeera has already lost its credibility.

Author — Sandip Hmbrm


Modi Hitler so called largest "democracy" in the world exposed

Author — king lucky


"They want to make settlements here and then change the demography of the region." Someone getting taste of their own medicine.

Author — rajesh baluni


They are under curfew for last twenty days 😭can someone imagine to live in this century?

Author — Abdul Rajput


Hold a referendum in Kashmir! Only way way forward from this conflict. If not then more bloodshed will continue.

Author — AZN Equation


Faiz Jamil, don't try and playdown the situation!
It's interesting how the translator is playing down on what the people interviewed are saying and trying to make it sound less concerning & less daunting.

Author — Rose H


thanks al jazeera but help Kashmiris plz

Author — R 637


Again one sided reporting by Al jihadi news...nice
What about voiceless ppl of Balochistan??
Freedom to Balochistan!

Author — Aloof! lisa


Modi is replica of Hitler.. Genocide with lies and making whole world fool

Author — Zia Maqbool


Un educated person dont know this news is is same same indian pm .tea maker

Author — Showkatpathan Showkatpathan


Thanks Aljezeera, Thanks NYtimes, thanks BBC for sharing truth with the world

Author — Hisham Mughal


Kashmir banega Pakistan
Ab banega Khalistan..

Imran khan, Allah ka naam lekr hamla krdo. Dekho do dunia ko musalmano ke madad ke liye phr farishty bhi aty hain. Utro to sae badr mein, Allah ki madad bhi ayegi.
Labaik ya Rasool Allah.

Author — Amaan Talpur


UNO UN USA and other countries who always claim for peece where are they????

Author — Amin Khan


Thank you al jazeera for showing us what actually is occurring in kashmir...the government and media back here fakes almost everything.. That's the modi rule perhaps.

Author — karan arora


The protests are not against revokation of autonomy but against occupation.

Author — Johnny B


Kashmiri pandit ka bare me q nahi bolt Ya log....

Author — Abir Nandy


حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل فيكم اتركو الناس بحالها

Author — حفيان بزمن كلوو قنادر