The Politics of Coronavirus

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Audio editing by Eric Schneider
Motion graphics by Vincent de Langen
Illustrations by Kate Willært
Everything else by Evan

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From Evan (PolyMatter): It’s worth repeating that most of the numbers in this video have changed dramatically and are only used to demonstrate larger points. You should check with your local government for up-to-date information. Stay safe everyone.

Author — PolyMatter


CoronaVirus prevention is like International environmental policy: "everyone agrees that everyone else should do more".

Author — Manpreet Singh


The scariest thing is how outdated his numbers are already

Author — neekoless


Oh well, in Belgium it's highly political.
Every party is blaming the others for the slightest things that go wrong.
F'ing dramaqueens...

Author — Brains Applied


"many of the numbers may no longer be accurate"
USA: 15, 000 cases up from 250

Author — Gamers Rise Up


"seafood market" I don't think that's what they mean by "wet market" lol

Author — ReasonableRadio


* Goes to store *

No toilet paper, no canned foods, no milk nothing.

Y'all, don't panic buy, get enough and leave for other people who really need it. Plus there's a chance the foods is going to expire before the pandemic hits it's peak so *get enough, dont be selfish*

Author — Itsme Peep


Humans: _we just avoided world war and we just stopped the wild fires maybe we shoul-_

Corona virus: *so I started infecting people*

Author — edge lord


Can’t say thank you enough to that one doctor who gave his life to trying to help us all. Our world needs more people like him

Author — TILR


It’s scary how fast this video became out of date

Author — Allen Su


Ultimately, Fear and Stupidity will kill more people than the virus ever will.

Author — 4G12


i just realized how similar iran and Italy's flag looks lol

Author — Skeetrix


This video was outdated the moment it came out. The number of infected is already double what they have here.

Author — J P


I never realized how much I touch my face until now 😳

Author — Andres Rodriguez


Here before we crossed 1M confirmed cases

Author — Oqalios


Reasons to get a Japanese toilet:
When toilet paper runs out, you're not bothered.

Author — Unknown


2:46 "Blood, Stool and Tears" sounds like a really weird autobiography.

Author — Roman Riesen


I can give a little extra insight into that issue of "distrust." I work at a convenience store in the U.S. As soon as people started panicking, several items began to be quickly bought up and we imposed our first limits on buying items since the stores' opening. Toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizers, eggs, and milk were some of those items we had to limit 1 per customer. Even then, we still quickly ran out. Though, my manager kept some in the back room to reserve a little for about 3 following days. Also, we kept just a little for some of those elderly and impoverished who come to our store regularly.

This is the result of people 1) being ill prepared and 2) not trusting our government or anyone else to handle the situation.
Seriously, people don't trust the government. That's a good thing to a degree. Power tends to corrupt and being skeptical of politicians makes it easier to recognize that corruption. However, when something like this comes along, that same distrust also leads people to take more measures into their own hands, resulting in more selfish tenancies and less consideration of others.

Author — John C


0:45 Just to be clear, Coronavirus is the class of virus. SARS-CoV-2 is the name of the virus. COVID19 is the disease it causes. I think it’s fine to use any interchangeably in conversation or even in documentation (we all know what we mean) but in an educational video - would be good to be clear of the nomenclature. Love the work otherwise!

Author — artspooner


PolyMatter in 4 years: "How Charmin acquired Apple"

Author — Jarrod