MSF vs FNC Highlights | LEC Summer 2019 Week 6 Day 1 | Misfits Gaming vs Fnatic

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MSF vs FNC Highlights | LEC Summer 2019 Week 6 Day 1 | Misfits Gaming vs Fnatic

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Misfits Main Roster: We just cant win, LEC too hard.
Misfits Academy: Hold my beer

Author — Jan Gasser


Bwipo plays two champions: Aatrox and Renekton.
The reason the enemy team doesn't ban Aatrox or Renekton because Bwipo is not the best player in Fnatic.

Author — Scofield11


what is sad for misfits is that they would have been in a really differente state if they had made this change sooner

Author — Oeil Defaucon


*Riot sees LIDER's akali
Riot: Akali nerf incoming

Author — Khryss Vencer


finally Lider can show his real perfomance, I'm happy for him

Author — theFrosty thefrosty


This Lider is torally smurf at this game, holy moly

Author — SzapelkaRapTV


WOW! I'm a Fnc fanboy since 2013 but this new lineup from Msf played that so insane naut and akali just carrying all game long pretty nice gz to u Höppelepöpps (that's what we call Msf in German)

Author — ChrizzlyD


Fnc have been trolling hard lately, last week they draft Rengar top, this time they give Broxah a scaling jungle... sick

Author — Baguett e


I’m actually so hyped for lider after this

Author — dimel russell


Nemesis wintrading even in competitive lol

Author — Benjamin Chong


I'm both sad for FNC and glad to see our LFL team perform well in the LEC.
And we can still bring a new Vitality and LDLC if needed 😎

Author — Shin


nice improvement on misfits side. will they play with this team now for the rest of the split?

Author — Dominik Torreto


Name a more useless duo than Rekkles and Ezreal, Hiiva and Lider owned this game

Author — Daniel Alexandru


damn at least in NA the top teams don't lose to the substitutes of bottom teams

Author — Spicy Curry


Waiting for Fnt fans to make excuses for losing vs academy team lul

Author — xMisieQ 3


Lider is going to become one of the best midlaners in the world for sure. He is so insane in lane and when the game is so early game oriented and lane oriented in this meta, it's looking quite promising for him.

Author — Søren


Now FNC fans...
Join the dark side...
Join G2Army...

Author — Artur Es


Lider leading Misfits to win, just as his name.

Author — 공진혁


why is rekkles so passive in every fight lately cant stand it

Author — Snibunna Shiny


I like how people said that subbing Rekkles was the reason why FNC lost last week. Can we just accept that Rekkles's playstyle is terrible (KDA player) and he is washed up? Down in cs in lane, didn't roam in the mid game, while Sivir was there teamfighting for MSF and Rekkles still managed to be down in cs. The guy is using a playstyle that is not good in this meta. He plays very very conservatively, plays to not die and doesn't take risks and chances. FNC will not have a lot of success if they keep playing with this ADC playstyle.

Author — ArcaneTricksterRS