Coronavirus around the world: May 5, 2020

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Today’s top coronavirus headlines:

Britain has surpassed Italy’s coronavirus death toll with over 32,000 deaths, making the UK the country with the highest number of COVID-19 related deaths in Europe.

Australia and New Zealand are discussing a travel bubble which would allow residents to travel between the two countries without having to go into self-isolation upon arrival.

Authorities in Brazil and Colombia are worried about the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases in the Amazon region. The lack of infrastructure in the area is also putting indigenous communities at a greater risk of coronavirus.

Officials in Israel have authorized a security company to continue using people’s cell phone data to track COVID-19 cases. This service was previously authorized and has now been extended until May 26.

A Chinese developer has created glasses meant to screen people for COVID-19 symptoms. The glasses are equipped with infrared sensors and a camera that allow the wearer to "see" peoples' body temperatures.


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That is what USA needs, an infrared glasses to detect COVID-19 carriers.

Author — Antaeus


Remember to pray harder for world healing. :'( We need to heal the world.

Keep hoping for the best for the world. Praying and helping people.
Let's heal the world.

Author — Loving Caring Kindness Forever


They say stuff about peoples privacy, last time I heard was, that was thrown out the window long, long time ago.

Author — Jin N Juice


U.K is the number one country in Europe with the most deaths. Prime Minister Johnson put the lockdown too late and he did not prepare them for the pandemic.

Author — Silvia Logan


The number you mentioned is in the entire country of Brazil, not a city in Amazon!!

Author — Priscila Domene


Check covid stat from worldometers, Cambodia does well.
Middle east also looks good, they may have experience of mers and sars.

Author — Natty 27


My question is are all the numbers real? We’ve heard here in Canada that even though people may have the virus if they die from something else like heart failure or a brain anurism the death report still says COVID-19. This makes the numbers completely inaccurate. Are all countries doing this?

Author — shelly grant


🌏World already overcrowded:
stop💋 making new people!

Author — Cristina Lexy Reef Tank


There's no need to see if the temperature is high because somebody can be without symptoms at all.

Author — Maroon Tarabyn


What happened to Italy? No more deaths from there any more.

Author — Copycat Singers


Australia the most safest country in the world .... love my country, well done Australia

Author — Eazyone23


Exodus 23:25
"Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you…"

Author — Aaron Canlas


Subxaana laahi illaahay ayaanu ka magan galnay

Author — Fuad Os


Dear mainstream visitors, please understand that all mainstream (ABC, BBC, CNN, NBC, FOX, REUTERS, BLOOMBERG etc.) is owned entirely by the Rockefeller Family (Bill Gates is a member of them). Therefore you cannot believe what the say. The truth is upside down.

Author — Michael Nitzsche


How about watching kill cabal on weekend warrior

Author — Heather Sprague


Now its Americas turn to copy the technology in those glasses.

Author — Reprogramming Mind


My humble opinion is that I realize that every country that think that herd immunity is a good idea, will suffer terrible consequences, cause they don't think this virus pandemic is real or deadly, but it is!!

Author — Maribel Echeverria


Anyone met or know anyone with the virus?

Author — Jackisthedogsbollocks69


Just shows the big joke UK is. They can't find solution to this virus. They have the lowest recovery rate in the world.

Author — Charle Chimfwembe


Vaccines = bill gates murdertool his depopation agenda ! Jailbar him !

Author — jess jesse