Modern Food Processing Technology with Cool Automatic Machines That Are At Another Level Part 2

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Modern Food Processing Technology with Cool Automatic Machines That Are At Another Level Part 2
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12:23 Now there's a job that would drive me nuts!

Author — ba ab


this videos is helpful in understanding how technology is an essential part for today's food processing factories, In India we covered one video which is about sev making and processing Factory they are also using modern technology for mass production and which ultimately helping them and consumer. you can watch that video about Sev Processing Factory in our Playlist

Author — Awesome Street Food


0:44 So no one is going to talk about how the chips are in a huge wheelie thing labeled "ANIMAL FEED ONLY"

Author — soobin's bread obsession


Ada yang dari indonesia gak sih yg nonton

Author — hermawan pangi


I request you that to mention the names on the screen after manufacturing a product and also I liked and loved this vedio



Me: (on a diet)
Youtube: Okay. Here's a video about how food is pro...
Me: (immediate click the video)

Author — You are awesome


Oh my god, i feel hungry already. Great factory 👍

Author — Joking Monkeys


4:47 Me after eating a whole packet of cherries

Author — Willkott


The cherry packing is awesome, first I thought cherry as ant.

Author — sindhujaa P R


Congratulations dear I love your family I will be happy for Your account and you are doing great

Author — Clemencia Ane


8:14 хорошо что я всегда с яблок кожуру срезаю🤭

Author — Allianessa Zuli


I'm a Turkmen !Russian Turkmen !There used to be a beautiful country called the Soviet Union where we all Nations lived amicably and peacefully and we had great cheap cafes in our cities where people could eat and relax cheaply!There was no chemistry everything was natural there were millions of cows and sheep grazing in our fields the meat was cheap and the food was cheap !Now this is not and probably never will be !

Author — Real life Turkey Реальная жизнь в Турции


عيناي بالشوق تكتب

وعيناك بالصمت تقرأ

فإن مررت بين حروفي المبعثرة

فاالقي السلام على قلبي

عانقني بحروفك فالحرف أن كان صادقأ

يعادل الف لقااااء 💖💖

Author — حسين عاشور


8:06 - Farmers: we carefully select the highest quality apples for our consumers..


Author — Princess Belle


Prang Vcut yan ahh my fav.
Ai ndi pala vCut

Author — Charlotte Clorado


Eu quero aonde tem esta loja me passa o endereço por favor ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Author — sofy tuber Dos Santos


Good job! I had a wonderful time viewing all the above machines. I am more interested by drinks/ juice lines which I didn't see much of. I love Dion Engineering's juice pasteurizer.

Author — Esther Omu


Honeycomb Honey Harvest!!! Honey Wax recipe- giant honey bees harvest honey made by Royal milk bee larval bees propolis and honey bees themselves turkey in istanbul turkey ın kars

Author — Elmas Nasıl Bulunur


4:42-7:11 what is the title of the remix music please??

Author — Tine Vezrea


Tô descubrindo agora como é feito as coisas fabricados

Author — Jisandraferreirabarroso Barroso