Coronavirus threat spurs mass quarantines around the world

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With over 20,000 sick worldwide and more than 420 dead in China, countries around the world are going to extreme lengths to try and keep coronavirus contained. But according to experts at WHO, some of these measures might be going too far. Mola Lenghi breaks down the world’s reaction from Princeton University, where nearly 100 students who recently traveled to China have self-quarantined.

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"Self-quarantine". I do that almost every day.

Author — E4T6


They are lying to us so we continue to shop, and go to work using us as experiments with their numbers. It's worse then what they are saying. They only care about the economy but it will collapse.

Author — Inner Beauty


It's already a pandemic. "A pandemic is an epidemic of disease that has spread across a large region; for instance multiple continents, or even worldwide."

Author — hun dun


I know the Chinese nurses and doctors are doing their best. I pray for them and their family. I think the nurses and doctors are among those dying. :(

Author — Goku ‘


WHO is a threat to safety. They are too political, and influenced by governments. They take the government stance first, before the sensible stance.

Author — Gary Weston


Take measures. Don't trust anyone with your life other than yourself

Author — thestu059


Y’all keep letting people came back of course it’s gonna spread, the screening isn’t 100% accurate.

Author — darkneji190


Everyday the numbers are different. I believe its alot more

Author — yabbadabba a


That’s not so much a new hospital as it is a massive quarantine center.

Author — undertow


WHO is useless, they care more about money than people's lives

Author — Maximus Meridius


He ate his words a week ago, he’s going to again.
This is going to get UGLY.

Author — JC Korn


Americans think this isnt serious at all THEY ARE SERIOUSLY WRONG!

Author — J Tay


China : We have this under control

The World : 😷

Author — Cashmoney Rye


become a pandemic? there are already several declared national emergency and the WHO declared international emergency, is that not already a pandemic?

Author — Syrian Soaper


I think W.H.O never heard the word "PREVENTION."

Author — Sheryl Lin


For once North Korea's Kim Jong Un regime comes in handy to protect all of Korea.

Author — Nevermore


Is the WHO in China’s pocket? I respect the countries that have taken measures to protect their people and enforcing travel bans. China needs to be quarantined from other countries.

Author — Jen Logan


Coronavirus has no cure, no vaccine, no symptoms, airborne, and 5 million were able to escape quarantine; therefore, shutdown the conductors ( planes, ships, trains, and borders).

Author — Juan Torres


Ground all flights in and out of China.Y'all are spreading this all around the world.

Author — Elizabeth R


WHO! Seriously, no reason to close borders O_O. WHO you're losing it

Author — Ivy Ivy