How to make news and update videos - Video marketing for business #8

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If your area of business is complex and fast moving, news and update videos can be a great way to keep your customers, your prospects and even your own staff up to date.
By creating informative, trustworthy and understandable content, your branded newsfeed will become a valuable resource within your extended networks.
This type of video can work well on your website, on social media and to be found by searches performed on Google and YouTube.
Although the content can become outdated over time, the short to medium term viewing window still offers you a chance to demonstrate your expertise in a useful format.
To make a news or update video you will need to be up to date yourself.
The key to sucessful videos is choosing the right topic and quickly producing interesting content for early viewing.
Make them too slowly or fail to pickup the right angle and your videos will not be as effective.
If your potential audience needs a different level of explanation, then carefully consider dumbing down any jargon used, clearly explain what the news might mean to them and leave out the more in-depth information to avoid any confusion. Shorter videos are always better and this generally increases viewing time.
You can create these videos as simple personal presentations to the camera including imagery, video and other graphics if you feel that it adds value.
Or if you prefer you can simply record audio and use visual content for the whole length of the video.
This option is more intensive and could increase costs and production time.
It is important to create a distribution strategy ready for your first video.
If you can, speak to people who might help you share your content maybe even asking them to contribute to the topics covered.
Your strategy needs to consider email newsletters, forums, blogs, social media channels (don't forget to use hashtags and post in relevant groups), finally the offline opportunities such as mentioning your videos at networking events, seminars and in meetings.

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i want to learn about the background you have.

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Nice videos, can you share what graphics and animations you use in your explainer videos? Thanks

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