Coronavirus around the world: March 20, 2020

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Global News has today’s top COVID-19 headlines:

The coronavirus death toll around the world surpasses 10,000.

Both California and New York state tell people to stay at home.

China’s new imported coronavirus cases reach record highs while the country found zero domestically transmitted cases of COVID-19.

Britain has asked 65,000 former nurses and doctors to come back to work to help fight the coronavirus crisis.

Despite restrictions on outdoor gatherings larger than 500 people, Australians are still hitting the beach.
A woman shot a video of herself in hospital while being treated for COVID-19, warning people to be cautious about their health, and it has since gone viral.

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It will be IMPOSSIBLE in Canada. Illegals will come at Roxham Road anyway. Nobody can stop them. You can't order them to stop because Canadian law is not working. Example: The law says illegals are illegals. But Canada welcome illegals anyway. See? The law is not enforced.

Author — Канада Креативно


Pretty deadly stuff. We're staying inside. Whoa!

Author — Layne Thomas


😩Canada isn’t testing nearly enough...the only way to get the virus under control is test, trace, track and isolate through testing EVERYONE and enforcing social distancing, and self isolation...make it punishable, if someone refuses to self isolate they should be arrested and locked up. Then we may get it under control but not otherwise! China tracked everyone’s cell phone and sent drones after people that didn’t obey the rules and those people were forcibly dealt with...it’s the only reason China is doing well right now compared to the rest.

Author — harmony331000


Can someone please link the video of the woman in the hospital? I cant find the original that's going viral

Author — Harkeerat Mangat


We are in Melbourne . We are thinking how ridiculous people are at Bondi beach were too

Author — Petah McDee


Somebody's gonna make a lot of money off of this fear.

Author — LinoOverdrive


Prevention (of self quarantine) is better than NO cure... No vaccine to date

Author — PP C.


Argentina ONLY has 138 cases and the whole country is in mandatory lockdown. Serbia has 170 cases and they deployed the army with curfew. Here is Canada with 1400 cases and we are still NOT locking down the country and employers are making people come into work. Why is Canada not locking down the population? it will be too late by next week. Why are we not learning from other countries? Lock down the country now and we understand the economical impact and its okay. Everyone is still out walking around in downtown toronto



Ok get ready China phase 1 has released it firsts on many plans to become super power, first they release virus on their own people in wuhan with bio lab level 4, 2 blocks from market that will take the fallout as well place in caves so they have fall backs, they know what needs to be done to complete the lock down once enough people and doctors become suspicious, phase 2 world spread send in pawns to spread virus in countries with high tourism looks like nothing wrong Italy and poor countries hit hard and fast, all NATO country's donate their medical supplies canada donates 16tones and many countries follow suit leaving them vulnerable when the cov19 reaches their country, phase 3 crash western stocks cause price war Russia and Saudi relations break down .end goal China and Russia working together to become world power, ask ur self why does Russia have so little cov19 because they knew the plan the Chinese dnt care about their people only global take over, they knew that they would have to sacrifice their own to rule the world trust me I was informed from something unknown up to u to belive but be warned everything is plotted and it's going to get alot worst then we are told to keep fear and chaos at bay for the time being but be ready arm yourself a war is coming ...

Author — C J


Korea is the only country that is doing something to protect their people

Author — Nicole Drayton


They've GOT a It's called Chloroquine, or hydroxychloroquine, has been used to treat malaria since 1944.
Now let's WATCH at how THEY TRY to Magically MAKE it Disapear!!?

Author — Miranda Bri


Coronavirus. Bill gates patent 10130701. Mass murder by design

Author — TS