QF72 | Hero pilot Kevin Sullivan's quick thinking saves 315 people | Sunday Night

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It's the most terrifying mid-air emergency in Australian aviation history - flight QF72's autopilot tried to kill all 315 people on board. They were only saved by the quick thinking of Captain Kevin Sullivan - so why has Qantas refused to give him and the crew the recognition they deserve?

This story originally aired on the 2nd June 2019.

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I was a passenger on this flight from hell. It feels surreal to see myself in the resurfaced video from close to 11 years ago. I was the guy in the white shirt who stood on the right of Captain Sullivan, listening to him attentively while he tried to explain our predicament on a megaphone. I want to take this opportunity to thank this unsung hero, Captain Kevin Sullivan. Without him, my life would have been cut short nearly 11 years ago. Thank You SIR! SALUTE!

Author — Geige Yong


Thank you all for your supportive comments towards the crew of QF72. It was a science fiction scenario that became a reality; confused computers using automation to harm rather than protect our aircraft, crew and passengers. I see there are many technical questions here and I recommend you read the book I have written on this flight entitled, "No Man's Land". I talk in depth about the flight, what went wrong, what went right, the heroic actions of the passengers and crew, and the investigation into the causes of the accident. I was hoping that our event would be the last accident involving bad automation, but the recent 737 MAX accidents have indicated that we have a long way to go. Sadly, there are many similarities in these tragic aviation events. Thank you for your continued support. Captain Sullivan

Author — Kevin Sullivan


I’m disappointed that the pilot wasn’t recognized for his quick thinking that saved the people’s lives. I think severe injuries are better than death.

Author — Aoman Brine


*She looked down at her ankle and said that's not right* and flipped her freakin foot around and put her ankle back in place... what a boss

Author — Krystin T


If I was rich. I would send Fuzzy a million dollars. God bless him.

Author — Tripp Seay


I can't believe this man has not been recognised with saving this plane from crashing . He is a true hero ! WTF is wrong with you Qantas

Author — Nicole Ace


The pilot shouldn't feel any guilt because it is not his fault! They are alive BECAUSE OF HIM!!!
I want to give Fuzzy a big hug!

Author — Channel for an Art Lover


This man deserves a medal “Hero of Aviation”. He got a plane out of a nose dive which was literally deadly. May god bless him.

Author — Falcon HD


This is why I don’t like the idea of self-driving cars.

Author — Waterlily the raptor


I can't imagine loving flying and being a pilot, being an Air Force vet and never wanting to fly again because of PTSD. Poor bloke, Sulli you're a hero

Author — anonymous


The pilot can be so proud of himself. He didnt hurt the people, the airplane did. He saved them. We need more captains like you.

Author — SiSi


Shame on the Quantus for giving NOTHING to that man. May Karma struck them.

Author — Jacob Swvage


He was a US Navy pilot. That explains why he saved all those people. They are the most highly trained pilots in the world.

Author — livetotell100


The pilot is not to blame. He's the reason they're alive.

Author — Sandra D


Qantas should recognize him, if not for his smart thinking they would have died.

Author — Death Trap


You may not have received the recognition from man. But Jesus sees everything! May God bless you Kevin Sullivan!

Author — Nicola Jackson


They did fuzzy dirty, nit giving him the amount of support that he needed, fuzzy is a great man, well done to kevin, he was brilliant,

Author — Skye Williams


Though we are sometimes critical of how the Americans go about their business, one thing is for sure. This pilot could have been awarded something to recognize his heroic effort.

Author — mohlodi tshimollo


i feel so bad for Fuzzy. apparently his daughter was hit by a speeding motorist years later and got terrible brain damage and needs 24 hour care. prayers to him man

Author — Ok Houston


Now I would definitely feel safer if my pilot has a name that has 'Sull..' in it.

Author — Popo