El Paso, Texas, points of interest and things to do

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El Paso city is situated in the far western corner of the U.S. state of Texas. and it stands on the Rio Grande river across the Mexico–United States border from Ciudad Juárez. You must visit the downtown, the Plaza Theatre and the El Paso Museum of Art.

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Peps I live in El Paso and personal I mean there’s nothing to do

Author — Ale Quezada


U literally only showed basically downtown... much more then just downtown...

Author — Mando Hernandez


Lol guys I've lived here all my life born and raised and I'll tell you there is nothing to do unless you have family or tight friends cause you gotta make your own fun, El paso is very community oriented. We just hang out lol

Author — David Ramirez


All I hear is people saying “nothing to do in El Paso” or “it’s boring” we’ll let me say this. There are tons of bars and pubs if that’s your thing, tons of music festivals during the summer, lots of free concerts if you love rock music, tons of natural places to go and hike or sight see, during the winter you only need to drive 2 1/2 hours to literally ski, ghost tours cause El Paso has a rich and haunted history, great sporting events, an opera house that gets good orchestras. I could go on and on, I’ve lived in El Paso forever and I think it’s an amazing place to live

Author — jesse saucedo


We sacrificed all of the interesting stuff that goes on in the city for low crime rate

Author — Rainbow Phoenix


There’s nothing to do here except burn in the heat my dude

Author — Squizzz


Nice video, but shouldn't you have added in text to let people know what the each point of interest is? What's the point of showing points of interest if your audience (people not from El Paso) can't find them?

Author — BigScreamingChicken


El Paso--in the top 5 cities with LEAST crime. So make fun of it all you want. The people there are safe and happy. The schools are good. The food is great. The sunsets are beautiful. The wide open spaces are breathtaking. You can do a lot worse.

Author — Mandycat1969


Not much to do, especially with the constant construction lol

Author — G4 Logic


I'm from California, but I currently live in El Paso. Its a naturally beautiful city. The mountainous terrain and views are amazing. But there is nothing to see and do here. Most locals will tell you that. El Paso is very boring! And remote.

Author — Kahlil Sykies


I lived in El Paso my whole life still do there’s to do like at all I mean it. It’s a super boring place

Author — Toxic Boba roblox


The only thing in chucko town is to get fat! Lmao nothin but good food 💯💯💯💯

Author — MissBrazy14


It also has a lot of cool things downtown!! And there’s lots of ghost stories, old buildings, and buildings made of cool different material and lots of upbeat music! I love it.

Author — sophi.idk.


I live in there like if u live in there

Author — Meny Lespron


Living here the only things todo is...

Obsess over khalid

Be on live PD

Go to utep games(even though they never win)

And top golf

Author — William Castilla


being born n raised in ep honestly y’all, there’s really nothing to do, just follow fitfamelpaso on instagram 🤕

Author — Betzyra Lopez


I live in El Paso and there’s really nothing to do

Author — Analisa Fernandez


They just added the street cars downtown

Author — Moises M


lmao ive lived in el paso for so long take it from me THERE IS NOTHING TO DO IN EL PASO 😂😂

Author — Fabuloso


I’m also living in El Paso right now and I don’t know what to do

Author — TheUP Railfan