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China has reported no locally transmitted coronavirus cases for the third consecutive day. The WHO says the city of Wuhan, where the outbreak began, now provides hope for the rest of the world. China did report 41 new cases of the virus imported from overseas. The new infections came mainly through students and expatriates who returned in recent days from the United States and Europe. The new cases have sparked fears of a second wave of the virus just as the country has started to recover from the initial outbreak.

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Stop telling people masks don’t work. At a minimum masks help prevent people from touching their faces. Get the masks and ventilators so businesses and doctor’s offices can operate and serve the people!

Author — Winter Warrior


China like burning the house at night & next morning stand with bucket of water 👏👍.
China can stop virus affected people from travel across world start from January & also not by killing doctors who try tell world about virus.

Author — U M


Everyone should have masks like the Chinese. I don't buy that bullcrap that we don't need masks. Yes I agree our healthcare providers are priority with the masks, but in reality we all need them.

Author — Ms Mom


A little strange that DW doesn't use dictatorship or something else on China. But it is time to work together. It is urgent

Author — Shawn Chan


China Govt should first ban eating nonsense

Author — TEAM technoCAL SERVICES


More than a billion citizens and suddenly no new transmitted cases while 2 weeks ago people were dying on the chinese streets.

Author — exionem


China first spread the virus now making themselves look good

Author — DARTH ASH


That's the plan of China to spread dominance over the globe

Author — r@ck


Now China starts to help other countries,such as Italy. Last days doctors and nurses returned home from Wuhan to their own cities, we welcomed them in streets and wear masks still.

Author — Gao Gao


Most of the comment just can't stand any positive news from China.

Author — HS Z


— the Corsican Ogre has landed at Cape Juan
— the Tyrant has passed through Lyons
— the Emperor is at Fontainbleau
— His Imperial and Royal Majesty, yesterday evening, arrived at the Tuileries

cowardly and selfish European never changed

Author — Seraphim Worms


China is the latest whack-a-doodle along with streamlined spaghetti to take the cake in their ridiculous musings on how great their celestial empire is....

Author — Tony Chopkoski


Well done
And deep condolance for those who left their breath

Author — Siddhartha Singh Rajpoot


It's not time to blame each other. Take action now, just as humans. Stay at home. Keep social distance and wear a mask when going out. EVERYONE should take responsibility to stop the virus!

Author — QR HU


The china is going to help people life so much good thing to do. Lovely.

Author — Bounnhoth savanh


China let this happen by hidding information on first place, why we should trust them now?

Author — Junior.net06


DW: "dictatorship ...." few days later "positive news ..." :D

Author — thisisanevilcorp


Hope they help by stopping these barbaric and cruel wet markets.

Author — Lev Legs


Thx to our Chinese Brothers for your help love from Serbia!

Author — Che Lazar


Third consecutive day of not reporting any new cases. I mean "no longer reporting" new cases.

Author — Bernard Evan Natividad