Islamic State: (Exclusive) BBC sees Iraq air strikes on Mosul - BBC News

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The BBC has been given exclusive access to the Iraqi and coalition forces' air missions against Islamic State in Northern Iraq.
Air missions like this one are part of an expected big-scale operation to retake Mosul. Forces aim to target positions held by the so-called Islamic State - and deemed this flight a success. Correspondent Nafiseh Kohnavard and a BBC team went along for a closer look.

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The BBC gets exclusive access to the coalition air mission against Islamic State militants in Iraq. 

Author — BBC News


The government need to realise that the Middle East is always going to be at war. No point pouring more soldiers and weapons into an endless war.

Author — manzilla48


*When that first guy spoke I could swear I thought it was Alex Jones! Lol *

Author — Dread White


The view must have loooked amazing in the helicopter in person looking over the lights compared to night vision putting all the war a side and expereincing the helicopter fireing from inside must have been cool.

Author — sefter454


What did George Bush say again about Iraq? Something about being Victorias and bringing peace to the region?

Author — W-James


what ever ISIS is doing they doing it on thier own khilafa land but usa+canada+uastralia are stolen land from red indians so it is not yours

Author — Sami Dabdoub


just like in 2003 with OIF great propaganda BBC...

Author — bobotea


so the army are going for innocent civillians who want to follow there religion and not not the actual army? pfff

Author — LegasisSociety


So..the BBC are doing propaganda for the criminal Iraqi army then wonder why the Islamic State behead journalists!

Author — AdelR


where is Isis getting it's Toyota vehicles from, could Toyota on a contract with them to supply the flat bed trucks?, they all seem brand new and they are all Toyota, and the supply seems to be endless!  Looks to me like Toyota are on a good earner, maybe we should all be  on a boycott of their products, as no Toyota  purpose built heavy caliber gun trucks, no ISIS tactical maneuverability .Frankly something stinks in Japan.

Author — vecinoslacalavilla


Do we have any plans for what is going to happen after Islamic State have been defeated?

Author — Adam Thornton