Eurosatory 2016 Day 3 Israeli Defense Security industry Israel exhibition airland land Paris France

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Alain Servaes
General Manager/Chief Editor
Army Recognition Group
International Online Defense & Security Magazine
Marketing and advertising for defense/security industries, exhibition and products
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it is amazing how the jews have made weapons based on their own experiences in war which are so unique to them. nice

Author — tHeWasTeDYouTh


WITH LOVE anonymous

Author — Karl ramson


i love israel maju terus tanah yg dijanjikan tuhan harus dijaga

Author — Karinaka Karin


With some modifications, those vehicles could probably be useful for lunar and planetary exploration. (Lighter chassis, solar power, possibly some autonomy features, but the same basic pattern.)

Author — avro549B


They seemed to have taken the American route of heavy investment in R&D and really made some potentially huge leaps in technology.

Author — Doctor Cthulhu


Peneral usted le responde ah los que le escriben a mi por que no?

Author — Graciela Benitez


proud of you Love Israel so people are very nice they are so kind and respectful...
and my best and strongest army is the IDF....caused they are smart and skillful interms of country but they are LOVE YOU ISRAEL>>>>keep it the best

Author — tribal 765


Israel mempunyai sistem ketenteraan paling canggih

Author — kimi Mon


Israel, keeping Islam from invading the world!

Author — CommandoVault


Ah, that's where my tax dollars went!

Author — Han Solo


there are many weapons Israel has in its arsenal that will not be displayed or sold. Israel is a true powerhouse of High tech.
wait until you see what they will do with the F35 . and there are many weapons manufactured in Israel used by the US military under a different name.

Author — David Woods


Shalom. Shalom.. Israel are the best in everything... That's God promised to Our father Abraham.... I am a Jews from Biafra... God bless the Jewish. Shalom

Author — Anayo Veron


israel should think about selling an packs of Hamas terrorist units for armies around the world for training and Weapons experiment purposes. now that will be a great startup!

Author — moshe shabo


chines technology is better than isarhell

Author — irfan khan


Это всё очень круто и красиво, особенно на словах, но! Стоят эти системы огромных денег, а в реальном бою большинство из них выводятся из строя в первые минуты.... Например снайперская пара с крупнокалиберными винтовками "пощелкает" всех за пару выстрелов....

Author — Ренат Россия


This is really funny, this tech is more than 10 years old outdated.

Author — Jesse Davis


They stole high tech From usa ...Like they stole the land from palestinians LMAo

Author — Mehdi Rahali


Shame. The world know that Israel depend on American billion dollar military aid.

Author — Zack zacko